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Novel Reaction is very excited to add reviews of audio books to the already wonderful mix of genres posted here.  The audio book reviews will be keeping with the standard provided by Novel Reaction but each audio book will also be reviewed based upon the quality of the narration, because the narrator can really make or break the audio book.

Think that you haven’t got time to sit down and listen to a book? The great thing about audio books is you don’t have to, many people listen to them while cleaning the house, riding in the car, or while crafting. Many great titles are available to check out at your local public library, or even better yet, if your library offers online check out of audio files you can download it directly onto your MP3 player, in addition to purchasing the audio books.

So hooray for books in whatever format they come in! Ricardo Allen Jersey

A Creed in Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller Review

Steven Creed, after unexpectedly becoming a father, has moved to Stone Creek, AZ to be closer to family. A Creed in Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller begins a new trilogy about the Creeds, relatives to the McKettricks. Steven Creed’s best friend and his wife died, leaving him custody of five year-old Matt, and Steven decides it would be better to leave the lawfirm he works for in Denver so Matt and himself can be closer to family. Steven purchases a run-down ranch to fix up and provide a place for Matt to grow up that allows a dog and a pony.

Melissa O’Ballivan grew up in Stone Creek and all she ever wanted was to raise a family but sometimes dreams don’t come true. Melissa has found contentment as the Prosecutor for the County, if she envies her sisters for their happy marriages she doesn’t let it impact her relationships with them or with her work. Then Steven comes into town with the precociously charming Matt and Melissa starts to question whether contentment is enough. But one failed relationship in her past makes Melissa hesitant to let Steven and Matt into her heart. Just when things are starting to look up for them a case comes along  that pits Steven as defense counsel and Melissa as prosecutor, making Melissa wonder if they can ever be on the same side and together.

Matt absolutely stole my heart from the beginning of the book, he is a precocious and charmingly mischievous boy but with the real concerns and annoyances a five year old would have after loosing his parents. Steven and Melissa’s relationship was sweet and inevitable but it is the town’s interesting citizens that that really made this novel a charming, fun read. Melissa is asked by her sister to check on the a group of visitors staying at the bed and breakfast while her sister is out of town but neither her sister nor Melissa were ready for the geriatric nudists taking over the place. There were several instances where A Creed in Stone Creek had me giggling. Steven’s devotion to family and his attempt to get his cousins to patch of their differences was admirable and I look forward to the cousins’ stories in the remaining two novels.

You can read an excerpt here.

The Creed Cowboys Series:

A Creed in Stone Creek

Creeds Honor (June 2011)

The Creed Legacy (July 2011)



Title: A Creed in Stone Creek

Author: Linda Lael Miller

Format: Paperback, eBook

Page Nos.: 384

ISBN: 978-0373775552

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: March 2011

Available for purchase: Amazon, eHarlequin

Reviewer: Jessica


**I received a copy of this book from NetGalley but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way.


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Lonesome Gods by Louis L’Amour Review

“I am Johannes Verne and I am not afraid.” For Johannes, in The Lonesome Gods by Louis L’Amour, life has started off differently than other kids. He grew up never knowing kids his own age and only participating in conversations with adults, mostly with his mother and father. By the time he was eight, Johannes was already thinking and conversing on the level of adults. Because his mother had passed away and his father was dying, they joined an emergency wagon train west, hoping to arrive in California in time for Johannes to meet his grandfather. Unfortunately, his grandfather still carried hard feelings towards his father. Johannes and his father stopped in the desert outside of California and started a life where the dry air could help his father live a little longer than the moist eastern air. Johannes and his father were soon tracked by the grandfather and by some miracle Johannes survived in the vast desert. He was protected by his new found Indian friends and by the people who rode west with him. Johannes joins Miss Nesselrode and she taught him many things about business. He continued to learn and soon fell in love with a girl named Meghan. Life continued to be extremely difficult and Johannes realized he had made many enemies by just existing. Will Johannes ever be truly free to do as he chooses or will he forever need to be watching his back from those that wish him harm?

I really loved this book by Louis L’Amour. It had tons of action to keep me interested along with the subtle love story within the plot. This novel in particular made me stop and think a lot about different aspects of the wilderness and how things and people have gone on before. I loved the main character Johannes and really enjoyed how the author managed to develop such a strong character through out the course of the novel. Johannes was full of integrity, intelligence, and initiative. He didn’t sit back and wait for things to happen- he met them head on, knowing what had to be done. I also loved the descriptions of the desert: Louis L’Amour managed to transform something generally thought of as ugly into a thing of true beauty and wonder. The novel really had an amazing plot and some very good morals.



Title: The Lonesome Gods

Author: Louis L’Amour

Format: Paperback, ebook, audio

Page Nos.: 560

ISBN: 978-0553275186

Publisher: Bantam

Release Date: 1983

Reviewer: Jillian Markus Golden Womens Jersey

Almost an Outlaw by Patricia Preston Review

Austin Cade rode into Liberty looking for the man who stole his prize mare and was surprised to run into the first girl he ever kissed and has never been able to forget. In Almost an Outlaw by Patricia Preston, Austin is forced to convince Darcy, the girl he never forgot, to contact her cousins to help him out, the notorious James-Younger Gang, the most famous of the gang being Jesse James. Darcy wants to help Austin but struggles to be able to assist him with the Pinkertons watching her every move, hoping she will lead them to her cousins.

Darcy has always remembered the sexy Austin since he saved her life but she has learned the hard way not to trust anyone or she could get them hurt.  Wearing mourning clothes even though her husband has been gone for three years is a way to warn other men away and remind Darcy that she was the reason her husband was killed. But Austin makes her want to take a chance again and Darcy finds herself torn between her past and what could be her future. When a murder shows up in town, Darcy immediately turns to Austin for help but will she be able to survive the heartbreak once he leaves to return to his ranch?

Almost an Outlaw by Patricia Preston was fun, quick read. Austin’s fears regarding the love of a woman for a dead man were touching. Darcy’s mistaken belief about her causing her husbands death was a little over done and I felt like the story of the murderer could have been explored a little more but the setting was great and Darcy and Austin’s concerns for each other and for others around them was great. I enjoyed getting the glimpses of the James-Younger Gang and would love it if the author covered some of the other love stories she hinted at in the novel.


Title: Almost an Outlaw

Author: Patricia Preston

Format:  eBook

ASIN: B004GB1T40

Publisher: Carina Press

Release Date: January 10, 2011

Available for purchase:,

Reviewer: Jessica

**I received a copy of this book from NetGalley but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way. Seth Jones Authentic Jersey