Authors and publishers please release backlists titles!

I love to read, but not only do I love to read new releases I love to reread older books. I don’t reread every book I have read (that would be ridiculous and even I am not that bad) but there are certain books and authors that get a regular reread from me. Recently I worked my way through David Eddings The Elenium and The Tamuli series (three fantasy novels in each series). I got my first copy of the series when I was in high school, I am not going to say exactly how many years ago that was but let’s just say my copies are over ten years old. I reread the series at least once a year, sometimes twice, depending upon my mood. My copies look like they are well loved, the covers are falling off, the pages are loose, some pages have been bent and just don’t look quite the same. I love these books and they are starting to show it. This year I decided I was going to treat myself and get ebook copies, easier to carry around on my Kindle and I don’t have to worry that the entire book will suddenly disintegrate in my hands when I am mid-way through a chapter. But horror of all horrors, it is not available! I was shocked! Here I am with money in my hands, willing to rebuy titles I already own and I can’t get it. As if that were not enough, just to rub salt in my wounds, they are available in the UK in ebook but I can’t buy them here in the US. Now I understand that the world is divided up into regions according to the publishing world, so titles that are available in one country aren’t available in another country but it does make it frustrating for us consumers.

My main in point in posting this is to let authors and publisher out there know that we readers want your older books available in ebook. There is nothing more frustrating than finding an author/series that you love and being unable to track down book 3 in the series! Every time this happens to me it reminds me of a quote from The Importance of Being Earnest, “not even for ready money”. I have switched over almost entirely to ebook, for many reasons, including ease of carrying more than one title with me and not having to go search through my organized bins of books when I want to reread a title. So now I find myself repurchasing favorite books, for authors and publishers this means that you are getting my money twice, you got it when I originally purchased the book and you get it again when I rebuy the title in ebook. I do receive some books for free from authors to review on this site but even those I find myself more inclined to review ebooks than print copies, again for ease. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like the smell and feel of a print book but I am willing and ready to buy older titles in ebook format so please make them available for a decent price. Pat Tillman Womens Jersey

Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference, Have you registered yet?

The Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference is going to be held April 13-17th. Right after I started blogging I was smart enough (okay, at the time I had no idea how helpful it would turn out to be but thank goodness I attended) to attend the online conference. At the conference I have learned how to contact publishers to get books to review, what publishers are looking for when it comes to review sites (it is not all about the numbers) and I met some amazing bloggers that I keep in contact with.

This year’s Conference will be covering everything from what publishers are looking for to emerging trends in the review world. There are forums to get a critique of your site and/or reviews. This Conference is amazing and the best part is, I get to sit in my pajamas at home! Publishers have donated books so every blogger who attends get to choose from the great selection of titles offered. (They are currently taking up a large amount of space on the floor in my spare bedroom floor.)

From the invite:

The Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference is being held April 13-17 and we are very excited to have some fabulous publishers involved and to be offering thirty audio panels, numerous forums, and chat rooms. The best part is you can attend from the comfort of your home!


We will be giving away books to all bloggers and reviewers attending and all the panels are recorded so that if you miss any live you have a month to catch up. Learn how to work with publishers and get review copies, where you can attend live events, what other bloggers are doing to promote their blogs, and gain a better understanding of how the industry works.


Publishers Participating

Simon & Schuster, Penguin USA, Bloomsbury, Sourcebooks, Bell Bridge Books, Egmont, The Wild Rose Press, MLR, Lyrical Press, Breathless Press, Ravenous Romance, Dreamspinner Press, Dark Castle Lords, and 15 more.


If you are interested in learning more visit the BBP Blog –

Registration is $45 for 5 days – Depending on Genre You will receive more than the price of admittance  in free books – Shipping of $7 or under may be added for the shipping on the large print giveaways.  If money is an issue please email us and see about helping with the conference in exchange for attending.


Thank you for your time and consideration, if you have any further questions you can email Terry Kate at


More information on the panels can be found below.

  1. Legal Issues and Book Blogging – everything a blogger should know about disclosing book sources, the FTC guidelines and the new blog subscription system via Amazon and copyright issues.
  2. The Financial Side of Book Blogging – as affiliates, what do we need to claim on our taxes? Does our revenue have to reach a certain level before we’re liable? Is monetizing our sites really worth it?
  3. Audio Books – How to get them and how to review them.
  4. Publisher Blogs
  5. What Publishers Look For in a Blog – find out what publishers want to see in a review site.
  6. Vlogs?!? What are They? How do They Work? – how long should they be? What’s their draw? Tips and hints to make them better.
  7. Young Adult Books, What is Coming Out and Who is Reading
  8. Reviewing under 18? – Tips on being professional and how to approach publishers.
  9. Is YA White Washed? – What can be talked about? What goes to far? Is realism lost?
  10. YA Blogging Over 30? 40? 50? – approaching the genre from a different perspective and the authors writing it.
  11. What Publicity Departments Do – Hear from the houses and better understand what they are looking for.
  12. Self Publishing is Changing – What do we think? Why authors are choosing it and how self-publishing works. With the changing technology, as reviewers, are we more willing to review these titles?
  13. PopUp PublishersP – Where are they all coming from?!? – Finding and reviewing new publishers. What are we looking for when we read their books?
  14. Reviewing: Print vs. Ebooks
  15. Single vs Multiple Reviewer Sites – Pros and Cons
  16. A Mission Statement for Your Blog
  17. Attending Live Events as a Blogger – Hear from bloggers who have attended Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention, Authors After Dark, and the Book Expo of America.
  18. Promoting Your Site – Discussion on both passive and active marketing ideas.
  19. Negative and Positive Reviews and Why both are Needed
  20. Authors, Bloggers, Publishers Behaving Badly
  21. Blogger Burnout – Learn different approaches for getting over the burn.
  22. Time Management –
  23. What Bloggers WANT – publishers are not mind readers, what would make it easier for us?
  24. The Design & Technical Side of Blogging – Learn how to track stats; the intricacies of Technorati, Feedburn, Google Friend Connect, etc; HTML & CSS tricks.
  25. How to Help Authors Give Us What We Want

I hope to see you there! Josh Malone Womens Jersey Publishing Guest Post

Novel Reaction is pleased to welcome our first post by a publisher,, here to tell us a little about who they are and what they have to offer.


Historical romance and especially Regencies are the focus of our two sites, and My particular love is Regency Romance, which I wrote under the names Laura Matthews and Elizabeth Neff Walker back in the day. Time passed, and most of the publishers of Regencies decided there wasn’t a large enough audience for them, so they stopped offering all these wonderful books.

But there has always been (and I think always will be) a devoted fan base for the Jane Austen comedy of manners, the Georgette Heyer delicious romance, and all the wonderful authors who came after them—like Emily Hendrickson, Carola Dunn, Gayle Buck, Joan Smith, Allison Lane, Barbara Metzger, Mary Jo Putney, Patricia Rice, Anne Barbour… We have more than 50 authors on the two sites, and agrowing list of ebooks in 10 different formats, including Word, Rich Text Format and PDF. So you don’t have to have an ebook reading device to read them, but if you have an ipad, we have the epub format, and if you have a Kindle, we have prc.

Women’s fiction is another of my favorites. I loved writing a quartet of novels set in a medical center, and a book with an “abundant” heroine. So of course I offer contemporary romance and women’s fiction on the Belgrave House website. And mysteries, and paranormal contemporary and historical romance. And both sites offer British authors you may not know—yet.

There are two free novellas by Laura Matthews, and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, on And a free Silhouette Desire called Maid in Boston on Come visit with the “haut ton!”


I devoured a lot of the novels offered by while in my teens, beginning my love of Regency period novels.  On Thursday and Saturday of this week I will be posting a review of two of the books they offer, The Bumblebroth by Patricia Wynn and A Pressing Engagement by Ann Barbour. I own both books in the original paperback and both are starting to look their age: the covers have faded, the pages are discolored, and the binding glue is not as strong as it once was.  It really hit home to me what a great service and provide, otherwise these books would be really hard for me to replace after they reach the point they are unreadable.  Thanks you so much for stopping by and introducing yourself to us. William Hayes Jersey