Reading is alive and thriving…

I live in Phoenix and drive my own car to get to the places I need to, it takes way too long from where I live to get to most places riding the bus (to get to school I would have to change buses at least three times). That being said, I don’t spend a lot of time observing people on their commutes to work (cursing at taillights does not count) but I just got back from a trip to Washington DC where I rode the Metro to most places. I have to admit I was amazed at the number of individuals reading books or ebooks while riding the train. I loved it!

I have figured out a downside to people reading ebooks on their various devices, I can’t tell what they are reading! I am nosy. I admit it, I want to know what others are reading. Are they reading a heavy tome to impress others or are they reading a fun mystery? I want to know these things! And I can’t do it without being obvious that I am reading over their shoulders. So those of you who ride public transportation regularly, how do you figure out what others are reading? Or do you even care and I am only nosy one out there? Jeremy Hill Authentic Jersey

Welcome our New Reviewer Zorn!

Novel Reaction is excited to welcome our newest reviewer, Zorn. Zorn is a truck driver who loves to spend time outdoors and making his kids laugh. He is the father of three and they all worship him so! Zorn loves to read and listen to audio books. He doesn’t have a favorite book, but he has a few authors he loves to read, including Michael Palmer and Clive Cussler.

Zorn is going to providing us with audio book reviews in addition to traditional print copy reviews. So everyone help me in welcoming him to the Novel Reaction Team. 🙂 Curtis Granderson Authentic Jersey

Lots of free reads and changing publishing organization…

Bloomsbury Publishing has reorganized their worldwide structure to be four divisions instead of along geographical lines and have announced that they will not be purchasing any books without the digital rights to that book.

Jojo’s Book Corner is looking for donations for two great causes, Pet’s Alive and Walk To End Alzheimer’s.

Richelle Mead’s new cover Bloodlines.

Harper Collins has announced that it is changing the way it is releasing audio books, only two of the 150 books released this month will be available on CD everything else is available for digital download only.

Nina Malkin has released the cover for her new book Swear, the sequel to Swoon.

I am sorry to report that author Brian Jacques passed away this week. Jacques was the author of the Redwall series, which I devoured in middle school.

The Children’s Choice Book Awards for 2010 nominees have been announced and you can go vote to voice your opinion about your favorite books. A couple of my favorites are Pegasus by Robin McKinley, Jane by April Lindner and Captivate by Carrie Jones.

Lynn Kurland has released the cover for her next book One Magic Moment.

Simon & Schuster is launching a new UK chicklit website that will have contests, author visits and sneak peaks so check it out.

Are you a Hunter or Prey? Take this fun quiz to find out which you are. I am in between, neither hunter nor prey but a little of both. Hmm…

Teresa Medeios, author of Goodnight Tweetheart, has now released all of her books in ebook format except two.

Lorna Barrett is releasing the fifth book in the Booktown Mystery Series, Sentenced to Death on June 7th, the sixth book Murder on the Half Shelf will be released in 2012 and she has been contracted for books 7, 8 and 9 of the series.

Author Appearances:

Penguin has started with its “Breathless Books” tour with five authors touring across the country, makes me wish I still lived in Salt Lake City so I could go to a book signing.



Romantic Crush Junkies is giving away two copies of Vicky Drieling’s How to Marry a Duke.

The Bookologist is giving away a Kindle.

Reading Teen is giving away a Nook and several books.

The Follower Love Giveaway Hop is going on with 154 blogs participating from now until Feb. 13th.

Smexy Books is giving away several book sets.

Harlequin is giving away 100 books in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

The Faery Court of has posted all the giveaways you can enter in connection with Julia Kagaway’s Iron Fey series.


Free Reads:

Harlequin has giving away Mara Purnhagen’s YA novel Raising the Dead ebook here.

All Free Sewing has a free ebook with 7 Valentine’s you can make for yourself.

Rachel Herron is offering her novel Honeymooning: A Cyprus Hollow Yarn Short Story for free ebook.

Alexandra Hawkins has posted an excerpt of After Dark With a Scondrel.

Tiffany Clare has posted an excerpt of The Seduction of His Wife.

Heather Webber has posted an excerpt of Absolutely, Positively.

Darynda Jones has posted an excerpt of First Grave on the Right. Greg Mancz Womens Jersey

What happened to the time?

Yesterday was Saturday, a day I usually post on but I have to admit I got sucked into a book series. It isn’t very often that I can allow myself the guilty pleasure of reading book after book, completely ignoring what I should be doing. I kept telling myself one more page…just to the end of this chapter…well, I am just going to start this next book and then I will do what needs to be done (including posting on here).  But before I knew it was midnight and I had missed posting for the day (not to mention doing the laundry, washing dishes and grocery shopping that should have been done).

Are you like me? When I find a new author that I love, especially a new series, I find myself buying all the back list books of the series and reading them in order, usually in one fell swoop? I love it when this happens! This is what happened to Friday and Saturday, the curse/blessing of the Kindle is I don’t have to leave my house to purchase the books, I can stay in my pajamas and read all day. Ereck Flowers Jersey