Books v. eBooks

With all the hype of new ereaders that have been released in the last couple of months and the announcement of the iPad, which Apple argues can also be used as an ereader, I decided to post my feelings on the traditional book versus the ebook.

I personally have an Kindle.  An amazing person gave it to me last June and it hasn’t left my side since (thanks Rebecca). Those who know me (and have helped me move) know that I have literally thousands of books. (Not joking, over 4, 500 last count) I have been carrying a book everywhere I go since I was seven and started reading chapter books. Vacations have always been the worst for me, I read fast and when I have chunks of time I fly through books. (My husband tells me I don’t read books, I inhale them.) About a year ago we went to Hawaii for ten days, I know days of just chilling on the beach, I took twelve books with me.  I read all the books while there and ended up having to purchase another book for the plane ride home.  My Kindle that is sitting in my purse at my feet right now has 150 books on it. Also, when I needed a new book we had to track down a book store before making our flight.

How many times have you been trying to read a hardbound book and found that you had to prop the book just right to be able to read it, or prop your body just right to read it.  With an ereader you don’t have to worry about propping an unwieldy book up while reading.

However, I love the feel of regular books. I the smell of new books and the sound of papers rustling as you change the page.  Also, at this point in time I can’t take my ereader near water without fear that it might get damaged.  So no more reading in the tub or the lake.  Also, I know this sounds dorky but I have never claimed to be anything but geeky, I miss the black ink mark I get on my pinkie finger from holding a paperback open with one hand.

Also, there is the inability to led out ebooks.  I love to share good books with friends and read books that friends have provided.  It is not that I am trying to cheat authors out of royalties but at the rate I read books it is just SOO expensive to always be purchasing new books.

Personally, I think the world will have both for a long time, I don’t think the ereader is going to replace books anytime soon but I do think we will see more and more people using ereaders. I could go on and on listing the pros and cons of each but I am interested in what you think?

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