Haven 6 by Aubrie Dionne Blog Tour and Giveaway

It has been awhile since Novel Reaction has had an author visit so it is with great excitement we welcome Aubrie Dionne as part of the blog tour for her new release Haven 6. Haven 6 is the third book in the sci-fi A New Dawn series, which should be read:

A New Dawn Reading Order:

A Hero Rising (prequel)

Paradise 21(read my review here)

Tundra 37 (read my review here)

Haven 6 (read my review here)

Aubrie Dionne is an author and flutist in New England. Her writings have appeared in Mindflights, Niteblade, Silver Blade, Emerald Tales, Hazard Cat, Moon Drenched Fables, A Fly in Amber, and Aurora Wolf. Her books are published by Entangled Publishing, Lyrical Press, and Gypsy Shadow Publishing. She recently signed her YA sci fi novel with Inkspell Publishing titled: Colonization: Paradise Reclaimed, which will release in November 2012. When she’s not writing, Aubrie teaches flute and plays in orchestras. She’s a big Star Trek TNG fan, as well as Star Wars and Serenity.

Aubrie grew up watching the original Star Wars movies over and over again until she could recite and reenact every single scene in her backyard. She also loved The Goonies, Star Trek the Next Generation-favorite character was Data by far-, and Indiana Jones. But, her all time favorite movie was The Last Unicorn. She still wonders why the unicorn decided to change back to a unicorn in the end.

Aubrie wrote in her junior high yearbook that she wanted to be “A concert flutist” when she grew up. When she made that happen, she decided one career was not enough and embarked as a fantasy, sci fi author. Two careers seems to keep her busy. For now.

Novel Reaction is excited to welcome Eri, star of Haven 6 today. Eri, thank you for joining me!

Thank you for having me. I’ve had so much happen in the last few months, it will be good to talk about it. Our colony has had so much change, and a lot of it is because of me.

Let’s start with the beginning of your tale.  Describe a day in your life on the Heritage.

I worked in the most boring job ever on the Heritage, my colony ship.  I was a linguist, so I studied all of Old Earth’s dead languages. Why the commander had me do this? I have no clue. Maybe just to keep me busy, because they didn’t know what else to do with a product of an illegal pairing. Anyway, I’m over it. My linguist skills actually came in handy on Haven 6, because I was able to decipher the meaning behind the mysterious golden liquid that people have been disappearing into ever since the space pirates landed on the planet.

Why was it so important for you to report back to the commander?

When she assigned me to the exploratory team, I finally felt like I could prove to her I was worth something, even if I was illegally conceived. I wanted to make my family proud and do my job. Little did I know my mission would get in the way of the one person I’d come to love.

What were your initial thought/fears when you landed on Haven 6?

The “aliens” scared me the most. Who were they? Were they peaceful? Could I really use my skills to talk with them? As you read in Haven 6, the exploratory mission did not go as planned. I’m lucky to still be alive.

In one sentence, what were your first impressions of Striver?

Athletic, gorgeous, and determined. I can still picture him running to save my team. *sigh*

If you could exact your revenge on Weaver for what he did to you, what would it be?

Because of the way things went down, I have no ill will towards Weaver. He showed me his true self at the very end. I hope, wherever he is, that he finally finds happiness.

Thanks again for joining me, Eri!  This has been a real treat!

Thank you for having me. Make sure you always have the courage to follow your dreams, however ridiculous they may seem and be true to yourself. 


Eri thanks for stopping by and answering a few questions about what you went through on Haven 6. As part of the tour I am excited to announce that you can enter to win this beautiful necklace, you can enter the contest at a Rafflecopter giveaway. Check out Novel Reaction’s review of Haven 6 here.

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Intermittent Postings but Exciting Things Are Coming…

The last few months on Novel Reaction have felt rather like this empty book, the potential is there but not much writing has shown up. I know the last two months the postings on Novel Reaction haven’t been as regular as they usually are, this is because I have been studying to take the Arizona Bar (this is the big test that is only offered twice a year that determines whether I can practice as an attorney or not). But I will taking the test this Tuesday and Wednesday (prayers and good thoughts are appreciated). This means that starting on Thursday (okay, really on Friday because Thursday I will probably be sleeping to recover from the two day test) Novel Reaction will be back! I have started to schedule author visits, have book reviews lined up, will be doing some book giveaways, blog tours and will be taking up the Books-to-Movie challenges again.

If there is anything you as readers would like to see more of (or if you have a new idea you would like to see on Novel Reaction) let me know and I am happy to try new things. I can be reached at jessica (at) novelreaction (dot)com.  I have had one reader reach out and suggest that we provide a profanity rating system in addition to the sex content rating and I am looking further into this. So thank you for staying with Novel Reaction during this irregular posting time and I look forward to connecting with all of you again in the near future. 🙂 Anthony Castonzo Jersey

Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey Blog Tour and Interview

Novel Reaction is very excited to welcome Alyxandra Harvey as part of her blog tour for Haunting Violet.

Alyxandra Harvey lives in a stone Victorian house in Ontario, Canada with a few resident ghosts who are allowed to stay as long as they keep company manners. She loves medieval dresses, used to be able to recite all of The Lady of Shalott by Tennyson, and has been accused, more than once, of being born in the wrong century. She believes this to be mostly true except for the fact that she really likes running water, women’s rights, and ice cream.

Among her favourite books are ‘The Wood Wife’ by Terri Windling, ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte, and of course, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen. Elizabeth Bennet is her hero because she’s smart and sassy, and Mr. Darcy is, well, yum.
Aside from the ghosts, she also lives with husband and their dogs. She likes cinnamon lattes, tattoos and books.


NR: In Haunting Violet, Violet assists her mother in conning people into believing they were being visited by ghosts, where did you get the specific tricks used by them?

AH: I researched a lot and then made quite a few of them up myself or altered them. Bellows were used, but I had Violet’s Mom strap them under Violet’s petticoats which was my own personal version. I researched which chemicals could be thrown into fireplaces to create colorful flames and thought long and hard about how to hide things in a Victorian parlour!

NR: Did you try those tricks out to see if they worked, and if so, any funny or disastrous results?

AH: Happily I did not have to pluck chickens bald to see if their feathers would look like snow!  I did throw salt in the fire place to see what would happen (you’d have to use quite a bit for it to be really dramatic) and we hired a medium to come to our house. My husband has always been interested in ghost hunting so I got to play with his EMF and sensor gadgets but that was more useful for my modern day paranormal I have coming out in 2012/3 than Haunting Violet.

NR: Will we get to visit Violet again in future novels?

AH: I hope so! I wrote the first draft of a sequel years ago because I couldn’t help myself but it’s uncontracted so no promises. If the readers want it though, it’s definitely a possibility!

NR: Haunting Violet is a historical novel, which is very different from your contemporary set Drake Chronicles series, how did writing in a historical time period compare?

AH: I love historical fiction and historical fantasy so it was a real pleasure to write Haunting Violet. I actually wrote it before Drake Chronicles. I’ve always felt more comfortable writing historical fantasy than modern-day…but now my favorite is definitely a combination of the two! (Like in Blood Feud)

NR: On Novel Reaction each month we do a books to movie challenge where we read the book and watch the movie and discuss it. Which is your favorite book to movie and why?

AH: A great question!

Pride and Prejudice, of course, has to be high in the list. I do love a little Mr. Darcy. But Elizabeth Bennet has to be awesome.  I’m even pickier about her portrayal!

And I adore the Harry Potter movies. The feel of them, the flavor of the books they maintained, everything. And I’d love it if the set designers wanted to come and redecorate my writing studio. That would be brilliant.


Thank you so much Alyxandra for stopping by and sharing with some more information on Haunting Violet, your new historical paranormal young adult novel (and that is a mouthful). 🙂 I am also a huge fan of the Harry Potter movies and can’t wait for part 2 of The Deathly Hallows to come out next week. Alyxandra is the author of The Drake Chronicles, a paranormal contemporary ya series with the fourth book Bleeding Hearts scheduled to be released in November of this year (I am really looking forward to it, I am totally team Nick and Lucy!!).

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Welcome to Last Chance Blog Tour and Interview with Hope Ramsay

Novel Reaction is excited to welcome Hope Ramsay as part of her Welcome to Last Chance blog tour, the first book in the Last Chance series.


Hope Ramsay was born in New York and grew up on the North Shore of Long Island, but every summer Momma would pack her off under the care of Aunt Annie to go visiting with relatives in the midlands of South Carolina.  Her extended family includes its share of colorful aunts and uncles, as well as cousins by the dozens, who provide the fodder for the characters you’ll find in Last Chance, South Carolina.  Hope earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Buffalo, and has had various jobs working as a Congressional aide, a lobbyist, a public relations consultant, and a meeting planner.  She’s a two-time finalist in the Golden Heart, and is married to a good ol’ Georgia boy who resembles every single one of her heroes.  She has two grown children and a couple of demanding lap cats.  She lives in Fairfax, Virginia where you can often find her on the back deck, picking on her thirty-five-year-old Martin guitar.


NR: What events led you to want to become a writer?


HR: I was about six years old and in second grade.  It was November and I had to write my first ever term paper about the Pilgrims.  I have a vivid memory of writing that paper — holding one of those big fat red pencils in my little hand, and writing on that newsprint that comes with the big double lines.  I remember going on and on about the trials the poor Pilgrims faced in their long, ocean voyage to the New World.  I think I wrote four pages detailing all their adversities.  My mother said she didn’t think I needed to write such a long paper, but I was having too much fun to self-edit.  When the paper was finally finished, and copied out neatly on better paper, I announced that I was going to be writer when I grew up.


I never waivered from that declaration, although my writer’s road meandered through songwriting, speechwriting, public relations, and marketing before arriving at the destination called Last Chance, South Carolina.



NR: How old were you when you wrote your first book?


HR: I am a big one for setting goals.  So in high school and promised myself that I would write my first novel before I reached the age of 30.  I managed to achieve this goal just months before reaching my third decade.  The book was a traditional fantasy that started with “it was a dark and stormy night.”  Not a very good book, but a great achievement.  About two months after finishing the novel I gave birth to my first child.  The typewriter — yes I wrote the first book on paper with a typewriter — was put away for a number of years, and when I was ready to write again, the typewriter was an anachronism.


NR: I also come from a large extended family, what did you love and not love about spending summers surrounded by your big family?

HR: I was the kid in my generation who came along kind of in-between.  My first cousins were way older than I was, and my second cousins were way younger than me.  So when I went to South Carolina there were very few young people to hang out with.  So even though it was a big family, it didn’t always feel that way to me.  There was a noticeable absence of children my age.


Because I had few young playmates, I spent a lot time in the company of adults.  That had its good points and bad points.  My aunts, uncles, and older cousins taught me things that I don’t think I would have learned if there had been kids around to play with.  So when the church ladies gathered to make curtains for my older cousin’s new house, I came along and learned to sew a straight seam on a sewing machine — even though I was only about eight at the time.  My uncle, the butcher, let me help make sausage one time — that was an experience, too.  And I heard stuff that I probably wasn’t supposed to hear, too.  In a lot of ways my character, Haley, is based on that experience.  She is often in the company of much older people, and like me, she sometimes stands apart and observes.


NR: Are we going to get to find out more about Dash and his back story? ( I have to admit he is one of my favorite characters in Last Chance.)


HR: Oh bless you!  I love him, too.  In fact, I have to work hard to make sure he doesn’t steal every scene he’s in.  I hear from a lot of readers who’ve fallen in love with Stone Rhodes, but, to be honest, Dash is probably my most favorite male character — ever.


We’ll see more of him in the forthcoming books, and he figures pretty prominently in the third book, Last Chance Beauty Queen, which I’m writing right now.  If the Last Chance stories are successful, I’m hoping Forever Romance will be interested in another series and I’d like to give Dash a book of his own.


NR: On Novel Reaction each month we do a books to movie challenge where we read the book and watch the movie and discuss it. Which is your favorite book to movie and why?

HR: To Kill a Mockingbird, is probably my favorite.  I just love, love, love this book on so many levels.  It’s the quintessential southern story, but more important, when I first read the book as a child I completely identified with Scout, the book’s narrator.  In a lot of ways I saw myself as Scout, and Jem as my older brother, Randy.  Some of the adventures Jem and Scout get into were completely consistent with the adventures that Randy and I got into during our summers in the South.  So To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my all time keepers.


Usually, when a book reaches this status with me, I loathe the movie adaptation.  But in this case, Gregory Peck’s performance as Atticus Finch was so amazing that it probably tops my list of performances by an actor in a movie.  Harper Lee wrote the quintessential American hero, who uses words and love instead of weapons and hatred to change the world.  Gregory Peck played him to perfection.


Thank you Hope for stopping by and answering our questions. To Kill a Mockingbird is also one of my favorite books-to-movies, I tear up every time I watch when everyone on the balcony stands up in respect as he is leaving the courtroom. While I am looking forward to the rest of siblings stories I am eagerly awaiting Dash’s story. (hint, hint, Forever Romance) 🙂 Adam Graves Jersey