The Phoenix Rebellion by Gail Delaney

This is a review for Classic Romance Revival, The Phoenix Rebellion by Gail Delaney.  The Areth have come to be humanity’s salvation, or so we are told.  Providing medical advances and curing most diseases, the Areth have helped humankind but at what cost? Retired Colonel Nick Tanner doesn’t care, retreating to his cabin he just wants to be left alone.  Then Caitlin Montgomery, the woman he has never forgotten, shows up on his door with the earth shattering news that the son he was told died 25 years ago was alive and being held captive by the Areth.  Now Nick is not going to let anything stand in the way of rescuing his son, even if it means working with the woman who broke his heart.

Years ago Caitlin choose to believe the Areth’s philosophy regarding relationships and ended her relationship with Nick. Now she is aware of the truth and is working with an underground group called The Phoenix Rebellion to rescue those being held against their will.  Caitlin agrees to ruin her career to help atone for her poor decision to leave Nick years ago, despite the personal pain she feels in being in Nick’s company again, she is going to use everything in her power to help Nick get his son back.

When I first started reading this story I kept doing a mental comparison to the TV series “V”.  A group of beings that look like us have come down to be our salvation and it is only after they have taken control of the world peacefully that some individuals start to realize that we have lost all control of our lives.  The Areth have not shared their advanced technology with us, just medical care and their ships are circling above our world, keeping us from leaving or contacting any of the other life forms we now know exist.  I have to admit I struggled to get into the story at the beginning, the story starts with Caitlin going to Nick’s house to inform him that his son is alive.  The Prologue explains about the Areth coming but I was still confused until mid-way through the story.

That being said, once I was into the story I was really sucked in.  The plight of the small group working to save others from the horrible experiments being performed by the Areth was touching.  What sets us apart from others is our humanity, that inner spark that allows us to fight against insurmountable odds, believing that the rescue of even one soul is worth the sacrifice.

The novel is written from the view-point of several different characters. After the initial meeting between Caitlin and Nick, the novel switches to the view-point of Michael, Nick’s son who is captive. The story continues switching from several of the characters to explain things to the reader, without all the repetitive dialogue that can occur when an author has a lot of back story to cover. As the climax built, I couldn’t put the book down.  A resolution was reached but the story was left WIDE open for further books.  I will definitely be reading the next book in the series The Phoenix Rebellion Book II: Outcasts when it is released in February 2010.

Rating: 5

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