Astrea Press Free eBooks!

Novel Reaction is excited to share a new publisher, Astrea Press, with all its readers. Over the next couple of months we are going to be posting reviews of several of their books. Astrea Press is an epublisher (meaning their books are published in ebook format) that publishes only sweet romance, young adult and inspirational titles. In celebration of their birthday they are giving away a free ebook each day for the month of February. You can find all the titles they have available for free at their blog here.

Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference 2012

It’s that time of year again, the Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference will be March 7-11, 2012. This Conference is an amazing opportunity to learn from industry experts from the comfort of your own home.  We already have some great panelists lined up including Sue Grimshaw from Random House Romance, Jennifer Bonnell from Penguin YA editing, Lindsey Rudnickas from NetGalley, Kristin Lamb from Wana Consulting, Don Dauria from Samhain Publishing, Kate Lied from Bloomsbury Teen, Ariel Tachna from Dreamspinner Press, Danielle Poiesz from Book Country, to name just a few. You can find the tentatively scheduled panels at .

Like previous Conferences, most panels will be recorded live with attendees able to listen in, call in and chat online with other attendees. The recorded panels will be available for approximately one month after the Conference has ended so you can listen again or catch any that you may have missed. A few of the panels will be pre-recorded based upon the availability of the panelists. If there is a specific topic you would like to hear please let us know.

Registration is now open at . We have free books for all paying attendees generously donated by different publishers. In addition, we are giving away a group of books to one blogger who posts about the Conference, you can read the details on how to enter .

Great Deals on Backlist eBooks!

I love a good deal! Don’t get me wrong, I want authors to receive compensation for the wonderful time they give me but there is nothing like finding a good deal so I can get more books for the price. I got my first ereader a couple of years ago (courtesy of an amazing boss), at first I thought that nothing could replace the feeling of holding an actual print book in my hands but now that I am on my second ereader (my husband very happily accepted my old one) I find myself wanting to read ebooks more and more. I love the smell of books, the sound the pages make as they are turned and the sense of accomplishment that comes from closing the book after finishing it. But, and this is a big but, I love the convenience of ebooks, I always have more than one copy with me, I don’t have to precariously perch heavy hardbound copies around my needy cat and it can hold thousands of books while only taking the space of one book. This last reason has become more and more important to me as my collection of books now numbers in the 5,000’s.

Why am I rambling on about print copies versus ebooks? Well, some authors that I have print copies of their works have released their older titles in ebook format and those books are on sale until January 8th at Backlist Regardless of what type of ereader you have (or even if you read them on your phone) they have an easy option of getting that book on your device. You can read my review of The Duke’s Downfall by Lynn Michaels here, one of the many titles on sale. The titles are all on sale for $.99 (which is a killer deal) but the sale ends soon so check it out!

NetGalley Reading Challenge


 One of the ways I receive copies of books to review is through an amazing website called NetGalley (you may have noticed a link to them at the bottom of some of the reviews posted). The wonderfully dangerous thing about NetGalley is the number of titles offered that I want to read and review. I get so excited and intrigued by reading the book descriptions that before I know it my TBR pile is 25 deep. Red House Books is hosting a NetGalley reading challenge for those of us who use the program to catch up on our reading piles. Since my classes don’t start until the very end of January I have decided to participate but in addition to catching up on my reading I am also setting a personal goal of catching up on my reviews that need to be written (since I am behind on those as well). So look forward to some upcoming reviews. 🙂