Technical Difficulties

blogger-under-constructionYou know how sometimes something goes wrong and instead of sitting down and dealing with it you just keep putting it off?! Then you blink it has been a week, you blink again and it has been three. ┬áThat is what happened to Novel Reaction, I keep exceeding my bandwith with my provider, which is not surprising given I have been blogging for five years and I LOVE large beautiful images. Because of my love of the images I now have to go back into my past posts and fix the images sizes. Not a truly horrible task but very time consuming. But my goal is to get things up and running smoothly on Novel Reaction soon. I have started to schedule blog tours and hopefully will be getting some authors on to share with us as well as reviving the books-to-movie challenge (goodness knows Hollywood seems to be only doing sequels and books lately, not much original from them directly). Sorry things have been so boring here, but read your novels a little longer and know that soon we will be discussing books and leading men and all things fabulously written. Taylor Chorney Authentic Jersey