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Novel Reaction will celebrate its fifth birthday/anniversary (what would you call the starting of a blog?! Anyways I digress) this June. I started Novel Reaction as a place to just post the occasional review and author spotlight, since then it has grown into so much more than I ever could have imagined when I started it five years ago. I remember when I started posting a review once a week and I was worried about having enough to say that I could continue to regularly post once a week (Haha! I should know my ability to ramble on and on better than that!).  For awhile there were five reviewers besides myself providing reviews, as a result of that I had the freedom to be really picky about what was posted review wise (I was trying to provide more clean romance novels even though I read a lot of the mainstream romance novels) but about a year ago I lost all of my reviewers except one (Jillian) to life events happening (jobs, kids, etc.) at about the same time and I even took a break for about year while I took the Arizona Bar (twice) and was ill with pregnancy. At first I was really disappointed that Novel Reaction was changing so much but then I realized that it is just like everything else in life, there are seasons when certain things make sense and then things change and that is okay. Novel Reaction is going to be changing again (but in a good way) in that I have decided to review a children’s book once a week.

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I love books! Obviously or I wouldn’t be here weekly writing reviews. I find myself in the fabulous position of sharing that love of books with my son (he is currently eight months old) and it has amazed me how at even such a young age I can tell when he really likes a book or just is okay with the book. With me reading so many children’s books (and some of them over and over and over again) I realize, more than I did as a child, that like all other genres there are some fabulous books out there and some not so fabulous books. I decided that I wanted to share the gems that I have found with you, my readers. In addition to providing my thoughts on the book I will provide my son’s reaction (as much as possible) to the book. If there are any books I need to read to him please share, this is a new genre that I haven’t spent any time with since my youngest sister (Jillian who reviews here) out grew them. Blake Coleman Jersey

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