Reading Tastes at Different Points In Our Life

zebra regency novelsI was writing reviews (Hope Ramsay’s Last Chance series)  and getting ready for a couple of blog tours (Mariah Stewart and Jill Shalvis) and I realized that they were all small town feel good contemporary romance novels. I enjoyed all three novels and have read numerous other books in those series but it got me thinking about tastes in reading tastes changing. When I was in high school my mother belonged to the Zebra Regency Romance novels automatic mail lists (does anyone else remember those?!) and I devoured them every month, especially those about debutantes making their debuts. Now, numerous years later, (I’m not going to say how many years later but know that I didn’t have a cell phone in high school if that says anything) I find myself preferring novels where the heroines have a few more years under their belt.

I started to wonder what it is that changes our reading tastes? Why is that something that once we devoured now we find annoying or boring? The first answer is obviously life events in our personal lives. We change as individuals, surviving trials, loss, momentous moments of joy and life changing seconds. But even beyond this changing as an individual I think it also depends upon what is currently going in our lives. When I was pregnant I found myself only wanting to reread novels that I had already read, even authors who I eagerly await with baited breathe for their new releases I wasn’t really interested in reading. I don’t know if it was the uncertainty of pregnancy (so many things could go wrong), the exhaustion that is growing a human being so not wanting to have to focus intently, or what exactly, but that is all I read for nine months and then as soon as my son was born I eagerly grabbed new novels ready to read as normal.

Now I think this is different than being in reading phases (you know, that feeling of wanting to read a certain type or genre of book) but actually changing what you read. What do you think? Have you reading tastes changed over the years?

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