Do You Book Club?

book club

Do you book club?

divergentWhen I lived in Salt Lake City I was super busy working full-time and going to school full-time (it was an insane time-period to say the least and it lasted about four years) but I was able to join a YA book club that I enjoyed so much! After all my English classes (I got my BA in English Literature) where I was required to read boring, heavy, and/or depressing novels that I didn’t get to choose, it was so fabulous to read something that was quick and fun (although some of the titles chosen were tough and emotionally charged). Since moving to Phoenix I realized that I was missing that discussion, laughter, and enjoyment of a book club (not to mention the food always associated with a good book club). So I decided to fix that by starting up a book club and we met for the first time this past week. While I am not usually a huge fan of dystopian novels I decided we should start of by reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. I also thought it would be a good novel to start with since the movie comes out in March.

conneryWe chatted about books, hot men, how much I love Sean Connery (I would pay that man money to read me tax forms…but I digress) and I was so glad I finally did what I had been talking about for so many months. What made me even happier about this was having several friends in the club tell me that they haven’t read anything for awhile but flew through the entire Divergent series. I love it that they are reading again! In my mind the whole point of a book club is to get people reading and expose yourself to books you might not otherwise pick up.

I have thought about starting on online book club but am unsure if a) people would actually come and b) what technology would be the best way to go about doing a book club. But what do you think readers? Do you have a local book club you belong to? Do you like the idea of an online book club? Let me know what you think!

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  1. I think an online book club would be fun. Then I could go even if the kids were sick or something. I’d just have to buy myself some yummy snacks that night.

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