Because you can't judge a book by its cover

happy thanksgiving blocks

There are many things that I am grateful for, too many to post all of them here. But I do want to say how grateful I am for the written word, its ability to inspire and uplift, to make laugh, but most especially its ability to take me to far off places and times, allowing me to experience the world through new eyes. I am grateful for authors who are willing to spend hours slaving away to write their story and then having the courage to take that baby (the novel) and send it out into the world so people like me dissect it, stating what we like and don’t like. I am also grateful to have an ereader to keep all the many novels in (never more so then now that I have a little one, it is SOOO much easier to read one-handed with my Kindle then to try and read a paperback novel while holding him, how did you moms do it before ereaders?). Finally, I am grateful for all of you readers of my little site, without you I wouldn’t be able to do what I do (which is to discuss all things bookish). So thank you for reading and for being patient for the last year while I dealt with life stuff and not giving up on me.

From all of us here at Novel Reaction we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Why Ratings?
It is true you can't judge a book by its cover, you also can't judge a book's graphic content by its cover. NovelReaction's goal is to provide readers with a graphic content so they can make an informed decision regarding the books they want to read. (Also, to have a great place for people to discuss books.) So sit back, pull up a beverage, and read on!
Graphic Ratings*

1 = kissing
2 = kissing, some fondling
3 = descriptive stripping but no sex
4 = sex scene but not descriptive in details
5 = full descriptive sex scene

*I am rating a specific book by an author, not the author's style. If I am aware an author writes a specific way, I will let you know.

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