Congrats to Jillian

Bridal 23Novel Reaction wants to wish our long-time reviewer Jillian a Congratulations on her wedding! For the romantics out there (which most of us are or we wouldn’t read romance novels like we do), Jill wore the same dress that her mother and grandmother were married in. Yes, that is an original 1940’s dress that amazingly fit her like a glove. Jill is the only one of her sisters to wear the dress (although we all wanted to but it didn’t fit the rest of us and the fabric was too old to safely alter) and it meant even more to her because our mother passed away almost six years ago. Jill has promised that once the wedding chaos has died down she will once again be providing regular reviews for Novel Reaction so we will get to read/hear her entertaining voice again soon. Congrats Jill!

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