Pregnancy Woes…


What happened at Novel Reaction? Why have there been no postings for weeks? I know that I posted I would be doing regular reviews and Books-to-Movie Challenges again, and I really meant to. But in addition to everything I shared on my posting titled “We interrupt our regularly scheduled postings“, I am pregnant. Which is fabulous! My hubby and I are both very excited to be welcoming a new book worm to the family in October (and yes, I have already started buying books for him). B-U-T in addition to being pregnant I have been suffering from nausea, which means the last thing I want to do is turn my computer on.  I have joked with my hubby that lately I have become a bump on the couch, not moving much but the cat has sure been enjoying my inactivity. 🙂

So what does a bookworm do when she doesn’t feel good? She reads of course. But, I have found that when I am not feeling great I want to reread favorites. So while I have been flying through at least a book a day for the last month, they have all been rereads of old friends. Georgette Heyer, Betty Neels, Johanna Lindsey, Julia Quinn, Terry Pratchett, to name just a few. What about yourself? What do you read when not feeling fabulous? Darrell Green Jersey

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  1. First of all, congratulations on becoming a “bump on the couch.” Lucky kitty. Mine is envious of yours.

    One of my favorites is Terry Pratchett as well.

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