We interrupt our regularly scheduled postings…

law booksAs you may have noticed, Novel Reaction has not been posting as regularly as we usually do. All I can say is that sometimes life happens. Novel Reaction is a labor of love, goodness knows I don’t make any money off this site but I love books, I love talking about books, sharing about books and I especially love getting books in the mail. But despite that love, sometimes real life gets in the way of the things that we love. I (Jessica) am currently preparing to take the Arizona Bar (for the second time) next week, I had all these good intentions of having scheduled postings already done so you the reader wouldn’t notice but obviously that has not happened.

Not only have I been neck deep in legal textbooks, one of the main contributors (Jocee) has recently joined the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for seven years. This means all those wonderful mystery reviews she used to provide have been put on the back burner while she adjusts to working and being mom to her three children (who are also big readers).

Another great contributor (Jillian) is a full-time college student, working two part-time jobs to pay for it and is now planning for her wedding this summer. Needless to say, she is a little busy right now and not reading as much as she used to. We are very excited for her.

What does all this mean for Novel Reaction? Well, after next week (when I will be trapped in a room with hundreds of other stressed out individuals) Novel Reaction will be back to regular postings but probably not as many (so one review a week instead of three). I am looking forward to bringing back the Books-to-Movie Challenge, so many great books to movies coming out this year including Beautiful Creatures, The Host, and Mortal Instruments. So please be patient with us as we adjust to our new life changes.

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  1. Hi Jessica-
    Sorry I didn’t see this post in February or I would have wished you luck! I hope your testing went well. Grueling as I recall although I must admit that I was in the last group of Florida bar exams before they went completely to the multi-state exam.
    I just noticed your “sex content” ratings — that is such a good idea. I always note the heat in my review but a quick rating level might be something I could add.
    Hope life continues well for you.

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