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Novel Reaction is excited to be a part of The Long Way Home by Mariah Stewart Blog Tour! It has been a while since Novel Reaction has participated in one of these and The Long Way Home was a fabulous novel to back into the blog tour grove!


maryland beachEllie Chapman has led life in the fast lane, jet setting with her father and fiance, Ellie split her time between working in New York for her dad’s company and traveling to “the” places to be. But all that comes to a crashing halt in The Long Way Home by Mariah Stewart when it turns out her father and fiance were running a ponzi scheme. Without any money, all of her belongs confiscated by the feds and no job nor anyone willing to hire her, Ellie is elated to find out that her mother has left her a house in St. Dennis. But the inheritance comes with a condition, Ellie has to stay in the house for six months or she loses it. Intending to fix up the house during the six months and then sell it before leaving to start her life over somewhere else, Ellie is surprised by the contentment she starts to discover in the quiet little town her mother loved so much.

Cameron O’Connor loves St. Dennis but he especially loves one particular house, when he sees someone new move in Cameron is upset to realize that the house was sold without him being offered the chance to purchase it. But as the truth starts to come out, Cameron finds himself helping Ellie take on remodeling and repair jobs she has no experience doing and no idea how to go about them. As Cameron and Ellie start to get closer, Cameron starts to wonder if he can convince Ellie to make St. Dennis her home or will secrets from the past tear apart the fragile relationship they have just started?

The Long Way Home is the sixth book the Chesapeake Diaries series and is a great addition to this heartwarming series. The Long Way Home is a stand alone novel, so you don’t need to read the prior books to enjoy this one but you do get some of the other character’s back stories if you read the series in order.  I loved reading about Ellie’s journey from a woman determined to be alone after being abandoned by the people who she thought were her friends to a strong woman determined to make the right decisions about her life and about not letting love pass her by. Ellie moved to St. Dennis with the intention of keeping herself isolated from everyone else but the residents of St. Dennis (which if you have read the rest of the series you know aren’t the kind to sit back and allow anyone to feel like a stranger) aren’t willing to accept that from Ellie. Just when you think you can see where Mariah Stewart is going with the story (straight to the happy ending) she throws in an unexpected twist (totally didn’t see it coming and well done Mariah!). The twist had me in equally measures cheering on Ellie for her choices and at the same time wanting to slap her upside the head for not doing what I thought she should be doing from the beginning. I am not going to share anything more about that because I don’t want to ruin it for you readers but it is a good moment and in the end I was proud of Ellie for the tough decision she had to make. I highly recommend the entire series but The Long Way Home is a great read by itself, a lovely story about the journey of woman from isolation and betrayal to finding acceptance within herself and others.

You can read an excerpt here.

Chesapeake Diaries Reading Order:

Coming Home

Home Again

Almost Home

Hometown Girl

Home for the Summer

The Long Way Home

At the River’s Edge (August 2013)

the long way homeRating: Star 4copy

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Title: The Long Way Home

Author: Mariah Stewart

Format: Paperback, eBook

Page Nos.: 432

ISBN: 978-0345538413

Publisher:  Ballantine Books

Release Date: January 29, 2013

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Jessica


**I received a copy of this book from the publisher but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way. Garrett Celek Authentic Jersey

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