Because you can't judge a book by its cover

christmas tree booksFrom all of us here at Novel Reaction we wish you a Merry Christmas, may your day be filled with good music, laughter, good food and joy of opening wrapped books from under the tree and the opportunity to read in quiet, if only for a moment during the day. Most of us will be spending some of the day together (that is what happens when the reviewers are all related to one another) and hope that we survive without any injuries (when a family the size of ours gets together there are no promises). Merry Christmas!

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Why Ratings?
It is true you can't judge a book by its cover, you also can't judge a book's graphic content by its cover. NovelReaction's goal is to provide readers with a graphic content so they can make an informed decision regarding the books they want to read. (Also, to have a great place for people to discuss books.) So sit back, pull up a beverage, and read on!
Graphic Ratings*

1 = kissing
2 = kissing, some fondling
3 = descriptive stripping but no sex
4 = sex scene but not descriptive in details
5 = full descriptive sex scene

*I am rating a specific book by an author, not the author's style. If I am aware an author writes a specific way, I will let you know.

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