Fall For You by Cecilia Gray Review

Lizzie has everything planned out for this next school year at the elite private all girls boarding school, The Jane Austen Academy, who she is going to room with, what extra curricular activities she is going to participate in and which colleges she will be applying to in Fall For You By Cecilia Gray. Then the news is released that The Academy has been sold, and if that wasn’t bad enough, boys are now going to be attending her beloved Academy. But Lizzie has a plan to get things back on track and they way that they are supposed to be and those plans don’t include the sexy Dante. But when everything goes wrong, Lizzie finds herself reevaluating everything she thought she knew about herself and others.

Fall For You by Cecilia Gray is a contemporary retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The premise of Fall For You intrigued me because I love Pride and Prejudice  so much and was interested to see if Cecilia Gray was able to capture the essence of Lizzie. Lizzie is such an intriguing creature, opinionated, loyal, intelligent with just enough wit and foibles to keep her likable. Gray does a good job putting a believe Lizzie into a modern day story. Fall For You is a fun quick glimpse of what Lizzie would be like if she lived now. The only complaint I had was I wish the story was longer, at 105 pages, I finished it in one sitting. I will definitely reading So Into To You, to read Ellie’s story.

Jane Austen Academy Reading Order:

Fall For You (Pride and Prejudice)

So Into You (Sense and Sensibility)

When I’m With You (Northhanger Abbey)

Suddenly You (Mansfield Park)

Only with You (Emma)

Always You (Persuasion)



Title: Fall For You

Author: Cecilia Gray

Format:  eBook

Page Nos.: 105


Publisher: The Alpha Division, LLC

Release Date: February 2012

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Jessica


**I received a copy of this book from the author but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way.

The Desperate Game by Jayne Castle Review

Guinevere Jones is the owner of a struggling temp agency when she is approached by Zac Justis, a security consultant to help him with his case. In The Desperate Game by Jayne Castle, Guinevere is black mailed into helping Zac solve a computer crime. But when one of the suspects ends up dead Jane worries she may be next on the list of victims.

Zac has just started his security consulting business and really needs to track down the missing shipments for StarTech in order to get other multi-million dollar companies to hire him. Zac doesn’t want to blackmail Jane but unable to get her insider knowledge of the company, he feels he has no choice. But once she is on board Zac finds himself working twice as hard on the case trying to Guinevere from investigating on her own and getting into danger.

The Desperate Game by Jayne Castle was originally released in paperback in 1986 and has been released in ebook format for the first time. I love it that authors are re-releasing their backlists, so titles I have been unable to find in print I can finally read. The Desperate Game is the first book in the Guinevere Jones series and is how Zac and Guinevere met and started solving cases together. Guinevere is just trying to keep her business running and take care of her family. I really enjoyed Guinevere’s character, very down to earth and logical, she figures if she has to help Zac she is in 100%. Zac is a bit gruff and a loner but by the end of The Desperate Game I felt connected to him. The Desperate Game is not a love story, just a mystery but I am told that a romantic relationship develops between Guinevere and Zac by the end of the series.  The Desperate Game  is a good beginning to the series and I will keep reading but I have to admit I like Jayne Castle’s later novels better, which is why it received a 3 star rating.

Guinevere Jones Reading Order

The Desperate Game

The Chilling Deception

The Sinister Touch

The Fatal Fortune



Title: The Desperate Game

Author: Jayne Castle

Format: eBook

Page Nos.: 192


Publisher: Penguin

Release Date: Originally June 1986, this edition July 2012

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Jessica