Haven 6 by Aubrie Dionne Blog Tour and Giveaway

It has been awhile since Novel Reaction has had an author visit so it is with great excitement we welcome Aubrie Dionne as part of the blog tour for her new release Haven 6. Haven 6 is the third book in the sci-fi A New Dawn series, which should be read:

A New Dawn Reading Order:

A Hero Rising (prequel)

Paradise 21(read my review here)

Tundra 37 (read my review here)

Haven 6 (read my review here)

Aubrie Dionne is an author and flutist in New England. Her writings have appeared in Mindflights, Niteblade, Silver Blade, Emerald Tales, Hazard Cat, Moon Drenched Fables, A Fly in Amber, and Aurora Wolf. Her books are published by Entangled Publishing, Lyrical Press, and Gypsy Shadow Publishing. She recently signed her YA sci fi novel with Inkspell Publishing titled: Colonization: Paradise Reclaimed, which will release in November 2012. When she’s not writing, Aubrie teaches flute and plays in orchestras. She’s a big Star Trek TNG fan, as well as Star Wars and Serenity.

Aubrie grew up watching the original Star Wars movies over and over again until she could recite and reenact every single scene in her backyard. She also loved The Goonies, Star Trek the Next Generation-favorite character was Data by far-, and Indiana Jones. But, her all time favorite movie was The Last Unicorn. She still wonders why the unicorn decided to change back to a unicorn in the end.

Aubrie wrote in her junior high yearbook that she wanted to be “A concert flutist” when she grew up. When she made that happen, she decided one career was not enough and embarked as a fantasy, sci fi author. Two careers seems to keep her busy. For now.

Novel Reaction is excited to welcome Eri, star of Haven 6 today. Eri, thank you for joining me!

Thank you for having me. I’ve had so much happen in the last few months, it will be good to talk about it. Our colony has had so much change, and a lot of it is because of me.

Let’s start with the beginning of your tale.  Describe a day in your life on the Heritage.

I worked in the most boring job ever on the Heritage, my colony ship.  I was a linguist, so I studied all of Old Earth’s dead languages. Why the commander had me do this? I have no clue. Maybe just to keep me busy, because they didn’t know what else to do with a product of an illegal pairing. Anyway, I’m over it. My linguist skills actually came in handy on Haven 6, because I was able to decipher the meaning behind the mysterious golden liquid that people have been disappearing into ever since the space pirates landed on the planet.

Why was it so important for you to report back to the commander?

When she assigned me to the exploratory team, I finally felt like I could prove to her I was worth something, even if I was illegally conceived. I wanted to make my family proud and do my job. Little did I know my mission would get in the way of the one person I’d come to love.

What were your initial thought/fears when you landed on Haven 6?

The “aliens” scared me the most. Who were they? Were they peaceful? Could I really use my skills to talk with them? As you read in Haven 6, the exploratory mission did not go as planned. I’m lucky to still be alive.

In one sentence, what were your first impressions of Striver?

Athletic, gorgeous, and determined. I can still picture him running to save my team. *sigh*

If you could exact your revenge on Weaver for what he did to you, what would it be?

Because of the way things went down, I have no ill will towards Weaver. He showed me his true self at the very end. I hope, wherever he is, that he finally finds happiness.

Thanks again for joining me, Eri!  This has been a real treat!

Thank you for having me. Make sure you always have the courage to follow your dreams, however ridiculous they may seem and be true to yourself. 


Eri thanks for stopping by and answering a few questions about what you went through on Haven 6. As part of the tour I am excited to announce that you can enter to win this beautiful necklace, you can enter the contest at a Rafflecopter giveaway. Check out Novel Reaction’s review of Haven 6 here.

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Authors and publishers please release backlists titles!

I love to read, but not only do I love to read new releases I love to reread older books. I don’t reread every book I have read (that would be ridiculous and even I am not that bad) but there are certain books and authors that get a regular reread from me. Recently I worked my way through David Eddings The Elenium and The Tamuli series (three fantasy novels in each series). I got my first copy of the series when I was in high school, I am not going to say exactly how many years ago that was but let’s just say my copies are over ten years old. I reread the series at least once a year, sometimes twice, depending upon my mood. My copies look like they are well loved, the covers are falling off, the pages are loose, some pages have been bent and just don’t look quite the same. I love these books and they are starting to show it. This year I decided I was going to treat myself and get ebook copies, easier to carry around on my Kindle and I don’t have to worry that the entire book will suddenly disintegrate in my hands when I am mid-way through a chapter. But horror of all horrors, it is not available! I was shocked! Here I am with money in my hands, willing to rebuy titles I already own and I can’t get it. As if that were not enough, just to rub salt in my wounds, they are available in the UK in ebook but I can’t buy them here in the US. Now I understand that the world is divided up into regions according to the publishing world, so titles that are available in one country aren’t available in another country but it does make it frustrating for us consumers.

My main in point in posting this is to let authors and publisher out there know that we readers want your older books available in ebook. There is nothing more frustrating than finding an author/series that you love and being unable to track down book 3 in the series! Every time this happens to me it reminds me of a quote from The Importance of Being Earnest, “not even for ready money”. I have switched over almost entirely to ebook, for many reasons, including ease of carrying more than one title with me and not having to go search through my organized bins of books when I want to reread a title. So now I find myself repurchasing favorite books, for authors and publishers this means that you are getting my money twice, you got it when I originally purchased the book and you get it again when I rebuy the title in ebook. I do receive some books for free from authors to review on this site but even those I find myself more inclined to review ebooks than print copies, again for ease. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like the smell and feel of a print book but I am willing and ready to buy older titles in ebook format so please make them available for a decent price. Pat Tillman Womens Jersey