Monster In My Closet by R.L. Naquin Review

Zoey Donovan knows that monsters don’t exist but it is hard to ignore one when it is baking muffins in your kitchen. Monster In My Closet by R.L. Naquin begins the Monster Haven series, Zoey has always been drawn to those who are emotional, feeling a need to help those who were upset but after her closet monster moves in with her, Zoey discovers a whole new world of creatures that need her help.

Not only is Zoey trying to help those around her, both human and nonhuman, now she has an incubus trying to feed off of her. As if that wasn’t enough, Zoey has to still keep her wedding planning business.  To further complicate things, Zoey has finally found an attractive man who seems interested in her but something seems a little off about him.

I am picky about the urban fantasy novels I read, most of them are a little dark for my tastes, but after reading the opening lines of Monster In My Closet I knew I had to read this novel. Any heroine who starts off the novel by trying to use a toilet brush as a weapon to protect herself, and then realizes it wasn’t her best decision, deserves a chance. I flew through Monster In My Closet, giggling at Zoey’s actions, Naquin’s unique take on paranormal/mythical creatures, and appreciating Zooey’s heart. In a genre that is saturated with novels, Naquin’s voice is an upbeat take in the urban fantasy scene.  Naquin’s characters leave one with an upbeat feeling, hopeful for the future and the events to come, not depressed by the choices that had to be made. I eagerly look forward to Pooka In My Pantry.

You can read an excerpt here.

Monster Haven Reading Order:

Monster In My Closet

Pooka In My Pantry (March 2013)



Title: Monster in My Closet

Author: R.L. Naquin

Format:  eBook

Page Nos.: 209

AISN: B00814M3A2

Publisher: Carina Press

Release Date: July 30, 2012

Available for purchase: Amazon, eHarlequin

Reviewer: Jessica


**I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way. Harrison Smith Womens Jersey

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