Wednesday Words: Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings

I thought that today I would share one of my all-time favorite quotes by one of my favorite authors.

“We’re living in momentous times, Garion. The events of a thousand years and more have all focused on these very days. The world, I’m told, is like that. Centuries pass when nothing happens, and then in a few short years events of such tremendous importance take place that the world is never the same again.”
“I think that if I had my choice, I’d prefer one of those quiet centuries,” Garion said glumly.
“Oh, no,” Silk said, his lips drawing back in a ferretlike grin. “Now’s the time to be alive – to see it all happen, to be a part of it. That makes the blood race, and each breath is an adventure.”

Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings

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