Déjà Vu by Monique O’Conner James Review

What if you had the ability to change everything that has happened in your life with just one dream? Would you take that chance and also change all the good? Déjà Vu by Monique O’Conner makes you wonder if you could have a second chance at life.  After witnessing her Boyfriend’s death from an overdose, Darby Lambert wanted to bring the love of her life back from the dead. Darby found that, after her suicide attempt, she can change the outcome of her dreams to change what has happened in reality. Her worst enemy, Matt, also wanted Kasey back from the dead and begged her to change it. Unfortunately there are consequences to every choice we make. Darby and Matt have some big ones to face for changing fate.

Kasey isn’t the same person he was before his death. He came back a completely different person. The memories of him being with Darby are gone and he doesn’t remember her at all. In an attempt to help Kasey return to normal, Darby starts to fall for Matt and has uncovered the truth about all of their pasts. Every page has a twist and makes it hard to put Déjà vu down.

I really enjoyed Déjà Vu even though I was really confused at the beginning. I loved the characters and felt I was in the story with them. The author did a great job in capturing her audience in the words. I was mesmerized the whole way through and was very upset when I finished the book. One thing I didn’t like about this book is that towards the end I felt like the author was rushing for an ending. It was at the climax of the story and it had a really intense part than all of a sudden the book ended. In my opinion, the ending could have been added a little more to so it had a little smoother conclusion to it.

The character Darby was very easy to relate to. A young girl who has fallen desperately in love with a boy who dies and she will do anything to bring him back. I think everyone can relate to that because we have all had someone die in our lives that we want more than anything to have them back. You also can’t help but feel compassion for Darby because her whole life has been a lie and the only constant she has is Matt whom she once hated. My favorite character by far though has to be Matt. He seems very rough and heartless at first but by the end of the book you have to love him for who he is. He is a very passionate character and has a lot of love for Darby and Kasey.

You can read an excerpt here.

Reading Order:

Jamais Vu

Déjà Vu




Title: Déjà Vu

Author: Monique O’Conner James

Format: eBook

Page Nos: 192

ISBN: 978-1-936852-89-5

Publisher: Astraea Press

Release date: January 2012

Available for Purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Kylee

**I received a copy of this book from the publisher but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way.

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  1. If you really want to hate Matt and then love him read Jamais Vu first…. Thanks so much for the review. Matt always had my heart <3 Still one of my favorite characters!!!

    Monique O'Connor James

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