Tundra 37 by Aubrie Dionne Review

In Tundra 37, Aubri Dionne returns us to the world she created in her A New Dawn series (you can read my review of Paradise 21 here).  Earth has been destroyed and a deep space transport ship is taking humanity to a new paradise ship but it is taking generations to reach the site of the new colonization. Gemme is a matchmaker for the ship, making sure that individuals are genetically compatible in order to preserve the various human genetic codes that exist. Gemme is shocked when her computer system selects the desirable  Lieutenant Miles Brentwood, worried that the others on the ship will think she has doctored the system she deletes the match right before the transport ship is hit with astroids and it forced to crash land on Tundra 37.

Forced to land several hundred of years before they were supposed to Lieutenant Miles Brentwood, Miles is surprised to find himself in charge of the colonization of the ice planet. When Gemme is reassigned to the exploration team Miles is leading into the Tundra to scout for specific needed mineral deposits, Miles finds himself drawn to the quiet Gemme but more is on the line then just finding the mineral deposit. Miles must do what is best for the group, even if that means drawing away from Gemme.

I was intrigued to return to the world that Dionne created with her first novel, Paradise 21, the idea of being born, living and dying a space ship where every decision is made for you from who you will marry to what job you will have. In Paradise 21, Aeries escapes from this life but in Tundra 37 we get to know the individuals who live there. When the ship is forced to crash land years ahead of schedule, everyone is forced into jobs they never expected to deal with and grow in ways they didn’t anticipate. Dionne’s world bulding is complex and intriguing, we also get the background story on how the transport ship came to be and how people were chosen to be on the ship. If you like the sci-fi genre you will enjoy Tundra 37.

You can read an excerpt here.

A New Dawn Series:

Paradise 21

Tundra 37

Hero Rising



Title: Tundra 37

Author: Aubrie Dionne

Format: Paperback, eBook

Page Nos.: 288

ISBN: 978-1937044497

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Release Date: February 2012

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Jessica


**I received a copy of this book from NetGalley but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way.
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Book Bloggers & Publishers Online Conference this week

I know I have posted about the Book Bloggers & Publishers Online Conference previously but there is still time to register and attend. I will be moderating a few of the panels and avidly listening to all the others.

We have finalized the panels so I thought I would share them here, if you are interested in attending go to http://pacomediagroup.com/:


12:00 pm EST  _________ Opening Announcements

Moderators: Terry Kate, Jessica – Novel Reaction, Barb – Sugarbeat’s Books

12:30 pm EST  _________ Netgalley and Bloggers

Kristina Radke – Netgalley

Jessica – Novel Reaction – Moderator

01:30 pm EST  _________ Where Review Copies Come From

Abigail – All Things Urban Fantasy

03:00 pm EST _________  Working with Groups of Self-published Authors
08:00 pm EST _________ Legal Issues Facing Bloggers

Caridad Piniero – Author/Lawyer

Terry Kate – Moderator

09:30 pm EST _________ Blog Tours: Pros and Cons to Participating 

Heather Bannon – Kismet  Nook Touring

Barb – Sugarbeats

Terry Kate – Moderator


12:00 pm EST  _________ Opening Announcements
12:30 pm EST  _________ Working with Authors

Abigail – All Things Urban Fantasy


02:00 pm EST _________ The Creative Process for Authors and Bloggers
03:30 pm EST _________ Category Romance
04:40 pm EST _________ GLBT in Publishing
06:00 pm EST _________ Publishing: The Options Available to Authors

Alexandrea Weis – Author

08:00 pm EST _________ What Authors Look for in Reviews
09:00 pm EST _________ Authors as Reviewers

Doug – Scifi Guy



ARCH 9, 2012

10:30 am EST ________ Opening Announcements
11:00 am EST ________ Working with Large Publishers

Gabrielle Gantz- Viking Publishing

12:30 pm EST ________ Working with Private PR Companies

Alexandra Kirsch – Planned TV Arts

Elena Stokes – Wunderkind PR

02:00 pm EST ________ Publisher Expectations
03:00 pm EST ________ Genre Diversity – Look Outside your Comfort Zone
04:30 pm EST ________ Reviews: Publisher Input
05:30 pm EST ________ Sell yourself to Publishers/PR Companies/Authors as a Professional Blogger

Abigail – All Things Urban Fantasy

07:30 pm EST ________ Creative Content: Stand Out
09:00 pm EST ________ Closing Discussion


11:00 am EST  _______ Morning Announcements
11:30 am EST  _______ Defining your Blog – Make it what you want

Doug – Scifi Guy

Rachel – Bitten by Books

Mary – The Book Hound

01:00 pm EST _______ Keeping Social Media Social – Kristen Lamb
02:30 pm EST _______ Young Adult Feature

Jennifer Bonnell – Senor YA Editor: Penguin

Kate Lied – Publicist Bloomsbury

05:00 pm EST _______ YA Content Discussion

Kailin – Sparklesoup Publishing

Jessica – Novel Reaction

06:00 pm EST _______ Review Guidelines
07:00 pm EST _______ To Review of Not to Review Self-Pub
08:30 pm EST _______ Negative Reviews: Fallout and Fears


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Fracture by Megan Miranda Review

It the book Fracture by Megan Miranda, Delany is rescued after being trapped underwater for eleven seconds. Everyone calls it a miracle when she has nothing wrong with her. Delany calls is an abnormality, anomaly, or a mistake, especially when the MRI results of her brain come back. As she continues the healing process, she discovers that there is something different inside of herself. Delany feels an unavoidable pull towards certain people and she is working to discover what exactly causes it. Unfortunately, things continue to get worse. Delany’s parents accuse her of accidentally causing the death of a neighbor, her best friend doesn’t trust her anymore, and she can’t keep her 4.0 GPA. Delany is trying to discover who her true friends are and how to maintain a balance between being normal and her new found abnormality.

I started this book one evening before going to bed and the only reason I put it down was to go to work. I really enjoyed how it flowed as well as how it kept me guessing as to what Delany would do about each situation. The book amazed me with how quickly it caught my interest and maintained it throughout the entire novel. It was interesting to see the various dynamics between the different characters and how her opinions of each individual changed when new facts were presented about them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel and would definitely recommend it to others!

You can read an excerpt here.




Title: Fracture

Author: Megan Miranda

Format: Hardcover, eBook

Page Nos.: 272

ISBN: 978-0802723093

Publisher: Walker Children

Release Date: January 3, 2012

Reviewer: Jillian


**I received a copy of this book from the publisher but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way. Torey Krug Womens Jersey