The Clique #14: A Tale of Two Pretties by Lisi Harrison Review

It is hard writing a book review for the 14th book in the series. By now, you know the characters (or should) and the hardest part of writing the review, is what to put for each character. Unfortunately for me, this is the first book I have read in this series. I would love to read more in this series and find it fun and easy to read. It is a YA novel, so that alone makes it fun to read.

Lisi Harrison has helped create a few TV series for MTV and I am a HUGE reality TV show fan! I have seen quite of few of the things she has helped create. I think that it made it easier for me to get into this series because of my love of reality shows on MTV! With that, I hope I don’t slaughter these characters in my review and that you give this book a chance. I will be going and reading the series from #1 though!

In A Tale of Two Pretties by Lisi Harrison, Massie Block is the leader of her clique. She has everything everyone wants, money, power, the best wardrobe ever, and an adorable pug. When her father loses his job as a plastic surgeon to the stars, she has to keep it secret so she doesn’t become the gossip she is usually dishing out.

Alicia Rivera is second in command and has finally come to terms with it after many failed attempts to become number one. But her psychic tells her things are about to change, and Alicia can’t wait!

These are just two of the many fun characters in the series and I can’t wait to read the books leading up to this one! I hope you give this series a chance!

You can read an excerpt here.

With a series as extensive as The Clique it is not surprising that it has its own website here.

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A Tale of Two Pretties



Title: A Tale of Two Pretties

Author: Lisi Harrison

Format: Paperback, eBook

Page Nos.: 224

ISBN: 978-0316084420

Publisher: Poppy

Release Date: Feb. 15, 2011

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Jocee


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