What happened to the time?

Yesterday was Saturday, a day I usually post on but I have to admit I got sucked into a book series. It isn’t very often that I can allow myself the guilty pleasure of reading book after book, completely ignoring what I should be doing. I kept telling myself one more page…just to the end of this chapter…well, I am just going to start this next book and then I will do what needs to be done (including posting on here).  But before I knew it was midnight and I had missed posting for the day (not to mention doing the laundry, washing dishes and grocery shopping that should have been done).

Are you like me? When I find a new author that I love, especially a new series, I find myself buying all the back list books of the series and reading them in order, usually in one fell swoop? I love it when this happens! This is what happened to Friday and Saturday, the curse/blessing of the Kindle is I don’t have to leave my house to purchase the books, I can stay in my pajamas and read all day. Ereck Flowers Jersey