How To Find The Right One By Andrew Newell

How To Find The Right One By Andrew Newell

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Melissa Mayhue Interview and Blog Tour

Novel Reaction is excited to welcome Melissa Mayhue as part of her blog tour of Warrior’s Redemption.

Faced with telling you all about me, I realized…I’m not very interesting! So, rather than bore you with useless trivia about my life, [I was an only child, born and raised in Texas], I’ll share the story of how I came to be a writer.

First and foremost, I am a reader. Some of my best memories are of my mother taking me to the local library every week during the summer to check out armloads of books. I could hardly wait to get home, dive into the stories, and get lost in a whole new, wonderful world. My prized possession as a girl was an entire shelf of Nancy Drew Mysteries. I adored Nancy Drew.

You can read more about Melissa’s path to becoming a writer at

Melissa was willing to answer a few questions for us:

NR: What made you decide to include Norse mythology in your Scottish novels?

Melissa: I wanted to add a new twist to the magic in my world and the choice of Norse mythology began with a “what if” thought process that went something like:  Since Faeries already exist in my world, what if other mythological creatures exist, too?  Norse mythologies seemed my best bet since my stories are set in medieval Scotland and there was strong Viking presence already there.

NR: With Christmas just passing, any book recommendations for the readers who received gift certificates this past holiday?

Melissa: Absolutely… I’d have to recommend WARRIOR’S REDEMPTION, which just released on December 27.  For historical lovers, Alix Rickloff’s HEIR OF DANGER also came out on Dec. 27.

NR: There were some hints in Warrior’s Redemption about Patrick and possibly a certain lady, is Patrick going to get his own novel? (I have to admit I loved Patrick, standing strongly beside his brother)

Melissa: I definitely see Patrick having his own story.   He’s one of those secondary characters I fell in love with the first time he showed up on the page!

NR: On Novel Reaction each month we do a books to movie challenge where we read the book and watch the movie and discuss it. Which is your favorite book to movie and why? Or, which is your least favorite and why?

Melissa: I’m probably the worst person in the world to ask that question of.  If I see a movie and then read the book, it’s fine and I have no problem.  But if I’ve read the book first, the movie never quite hits the mark for me because when I read a book, I’ve already “seen” the characters and the setting in my imagination.  And when they take a book I love and adapt it to a movie or television and totally change characters or events?  Well… don’t even get me started on THAT one!!  🙂

 Thanks so much for allowing me to visit with your readers today, Jessica.  I do appreciate it.  I’d love to invite them all to stop by my website – — to learn more about the books or to leave me a comment once they have a chance to read WARRIOR’S REDEMPTION!


Thanks so much for sharing a little bit with us Melissa! I agree that most of the time the movies don’t quite seem the same as the book for me as well but there is the occasional movie that I like the movie better than the novel. (Twilight is one of those for me, Bella was so annoying in the novel but they cut a lot of that out for the movie.) You can read my review of Warrior’s Redemption hereClark Harris Authentic Jersey

Warrior’s Redemption by Melissa Mayhue Review

In Warrior’s Redemption by Melissa Mayhue, Malcolm MacDowlyt is a warrior who feels he has failed his family, his wife was killed because he failed to protect her, his sister is held captive by his power hungry brother and the only way Malcolm can save her is by agreeing to wed the daughter of his ally. But all Malcolm really wants is to spend more time with the mysterious Danielle but not at the cost of his sister or his people’s lives.

Danielle Dearmon has always believed in fairies and felt out of place where she has lived. One night she decides to put the fairies to the test and ends up waking up in medieval Scotland. It is everything she expected and more. Finding herself drawn to the heroic Malcolm, Danielle finds a place for herself in his castle but realizes she must leave the only place that has ever felt like home when it becomes clear that Malcolm must marry to save his people. But will the fairies grant her a second wish and does she really want to go back to her own time?

Warrior’s Redemption is a spin off series from Melissa Mayhue’s Daughters of the Glen series. Malcolm is a descendant of the Vikings that once landed on the Scottish shores, marked by the god Odin, Malcolm follows the old ways. I loved the combination of the Norse traditions with the Scottish traditions! In a genre overflowing with books (by that I mean the Scottish romance novels) Warrior’s Redemption is a refreshing breathe of fresh air. Danielle’s excitement and joy despite being removed from her time period is fabulous, no whiny heroine here.  Fans of Scottish romance novels will love Warrior’s Redemption.

Reading Order:

Warrior’s Redemption

Warrior’s Rebirth (sometime 2012)



Title: Warrior’s Redemption

Author: Melissa Mayhue

Format: Paperback, eBook

Page Nos.: 404

ISBN: 978-1451640878

Publisher: Pocket Star

Release Date: December 2011

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Jessica


**I received a copy of this book from the publisher but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way. Jordan Clarkson Womens Jersey