While My Pretty One Knits by Anne Canadeo Review

The Black Sheep Knitters meet once a week without fail to work on their projects and to support each other in While My Pretty One Knits by Anne Canadeo. They are a unique group but care for each other dearly. Their world is thrown out of whack when someone in their town is murdered and one of them becomes the suspect. Amanda Goran’s murder has thrown the whole town into suspicion, especially Maggie Messina’s, her rival, and one of the Black Sheep Knitter’s group.

Maggie Messina has finally opened her dream store, the Black Sheep Knitting Shop, and is living life to its fullest. She is a widow and loves spending time helping people with their projects of knitting. She holds classes for all who want to learn. Maggie finally has one of her first students, Cara Newhouse, coming to host a book signing party.

Cara is getting ready for her own reality show and book tour and has already written numerous books. Unfortunately, her first stop on her tour is in Plum Harbor, a small town she grew up in. She loves this town, but is excited for her book tour and possibly her own show.

Amanda Goran owns the rival store, Knitting Nest. She and her husband are going through a divorce and she has revamped her look. The morning of her rival’s book signing, she is murdered, but no one knows who did it.

Lucy Binger is one of the Black Sheep Knitters group. She is divorced and trying to make it on her own as a graphic designer. Lucy loves her close knit friends and would do anything for anyone of them. Lucy really loves Maggie and is frustrated that Maggie could be considered a suspect in Amanda’s death. So many people didn’t like Amanda, she believes they should be looking into people that are more likely to actually hurt someone.

I thought this book was so cute, I couldn’t put it down! It is a very easy read and pulled me into the story within the first two chapters. It is clean for both language and only one (or two) kisses. I would recommend this book to anyone, because it is so clean and such a fun read. There are even a few knitting tips at the end of the book and some recipes to try. I have never knitted before, but am curious to try after reading this book. Anne Canadeo is an author I would definitely read again and would love to see more just like While My Pretty One Knits. I hope you take the time to read this book, you wont regret it!

You can read an excerpt here.

Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries Reading Order:

While My Pretty One Knits

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A Stitch Before Dying

Till Death Do Us Pearl (March 2012)



Title: While My Pretty One Knits

Author: Anne Canadeo

Format: Paperback, eBook

Page Nos.: 249

ISBN: 978-1416598091

Publisher: Gallery Books

Release Date: May 2009

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Jocee Jalen Richard Jersey

Colder Weather…

Phoenix is experiencing a cold spell which makes me want to just curl up in front of a fire with a book and enjoy. Unfortunately this is not a photo from my house, I don’t have a fire place but it doesn’t stop the desire to curl up with a blanket and read. I know I shouldn’t complain since a cold spell here means it is 57 degrees but usually in November we are a beautiful 78. Having lived in Salt Lake City for eight years I realize what most of the country thinks of as cold but I have become a pansy since moving to the desert and miss my sunshine.

While I love the summer weather, it definitely makes me want to get out and do things, colder weather always makes me want to stay inside with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book. What about you, does the cooler weather make you want to read more or does it get you inspired to do different things? Jonathan Casillas Womens Jersey

Fatal Heat by Lisa Marie Rice Review

Max Wright is out of the Navy SEALs forever after almost being killed by a bomb. In Fatal Heat by Lisa Marie Rice, Max has beat the odds by learning to walk again but he will never get rid of the limp nor be able to be active duty again. Having lost the one thing most important to him Max has retreated to the semi-seclusion of his CO’s beach house to heal his body. But Max’s solitude is interrupted by the antics of his next-door neighbor’s dog and the distracting presence of the dog’s owner Paige.

Paige, a plant geneticist, does not have a good track record with men but something about the rugged Max calls to her and she finds herself reaching out to the injured soldier. As Max and Paige get closer, Paige’s job puts her at risk and it is going to take all Max has to rescue her.

Max’s story was heartbreaking, with the loss of his role in the SEALs he has loss his sense of identity. Fatal Heat has a bit of a slow start, although I was intrigued by the fact that the first time Max and Paige meet Max is laying on the floor after collapsing from a work out and refuses to talk to Paige. Paige’s dog is also named Max, which could have been confusing but Rice does a good job keeping the characters separate. Like I said, the story was bit slow beginning before the true conflict begins but once it starts I was glued to the story and couldn’t put it down. Because of the slow start I gave the story a 3 star, I also felt like the descriptive nature of some of the scenes were a little drawn out. Overall I liked Fatal Heat well enough but the sneak peak of Nightfire that was included in my copy of the book has me really looking forward to it.




Title: Fatal Heat

Author: Lisa Marie Rice

Format: (Paperback, Hardbound, eBook)

Page Nos.: 208

ISBN: 978-0062127549

Publisher: Avon Impulse

Release Date: November 2011

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Jessica


**I received a copy of this book from NetGalley but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way. Matt Cullen Jersey