How many books should you be reading at once?

Last night I set the book I am currently reading and I realized that the stack of books I am currently reading has reached unmanageable levels when I knocked it over and had to pick it up. Normally I have several books going at one time, at least one my Kindle and one or two print copies that I don’t feel like lugging around with me. (Because my ereader is so thin I find myself resenting having to lug around a print copy in my already overstuffed purse so I always carry by Kindle now.) This got me thinking, how many books should one person be reading at a time? I leave a book and move on to a new for a number reasons, I may have gotten bored but don’t quite want to give up on it yet or I may have review commitment that requires my immediate attention so I intend to return to the book or a shiny new book has come in that I absolutely have to read this instance or I may explode (My hubby will tell you that there are certain things I just have no self-control over and shiny new books to read is one of them). I counted and I currently have eight print copies and at least five Kindle books that I am reading.

So what do you readers think, at what point do you think it is too many books? What do you do to correct this unintentional problem? Or am I the only one who does this?

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  1. LOL LOL LOL…you are so in good company, I do the same thing and it drives my husband who is an over the road trucker crazy…”How many books do you have started”, oh, plus I’m always listening to an audiobook

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