The Woods by Harlan Coben Audio Book Review

The Woods by Harlan Coben begins 20 years ago. Four teenagers at a summer camp walk into the woods that they aren’t supposed to be in late at night. Two of the teens are found murdered and the other two are never to be seen again. What happened to them? What happened that night? We may never find out! Four families have their lives tragically torn apart by this incident. One family is the Copeland family. Paul Copeland, better known as Cope, was a teenager himself that night. Now he is the county prosecutor of Essex, New Jersey, and a single dad after his wife died of cancer. Cope is trying to balance his life between his work and his daughter when his life is ripped wide open again. While at a recital his daughter is performing in two detectives approach Cope and ask to speak with him about a recent homicide victim that is mysteriously linked to him. Is this homicide victim one of the campers who disappeared with his sister a supposed “victim“ of The Woods? Could Cope’s own sister still be alive?  Again the memories of that night come flooding back to Cope. What really happened in The Woods? A new body has been discovered in The Woods soon after Cope has launched his investigation. Could this be his sister or is this another victim of the killer? Will Cope be able to return to The Woods? There are so many questions left to be answered and the only way to answer them is to listen to The Woods!

Actor and writer Scott Brick has performed on film, television and radio. He has won over thirty Earphone Awards, as well as the 2003 Audie Award in the Best Science Fiction category.  He has recorded over 300 books to date. AudioFile Magazine named Scott “one of the fastest-rising stars in the audio book galaxy” and proclaimed him one of their Golden Voices. I personally would totally have to agree with all they have said about Scott. He always does a fantastic job and is one of my favorite readers of audio books. I have reviewed him before and still have yet to find a book read by him that I don’t like. His voice is melodious, and simply catches you attention. I don’t know what it is about him, but he finds a way to make every book he reads exciting in one way or another. Granted he reads books by some popular authors, but I have never found a book that I didn’t like that he has read including this The Woods by Harlan Coben. I would issue this challenge to anyone who listens to audio books: find any audio book read by Scott Brick and see if he doesn’t just become your new favorite performer of audio books!

In my opinion Harlan Coben has written another fantastic novel. I have listened to some of his other novels and have enjoyed them immensely. If you enjoy detective/mystery novels with a sports twist you should listen or read the Myron Bolitar series that is also written by Harlan Coben. In The Woods there are several twists and turns that keep everything exciting. You can just see how the two separate story lines of a couple of character involved that night 20 years ago are going to come crashing together. When is the only question. There are so many mysteries of what happened that I didn’t finally figure out who did what until about disc 10 or 11. The Woods kept me on the edge of my seat a lot of the time while I was cruising down the road. I would recommend this book to any young teens and adults who like a mystery/suspense book. It is a clean book as far as romance. I don’t remember any explicit loves scenes at all. If you don’t like profanity then this is a book for you.  All of the books I have listened to by Harlan Coben have been that way. Two thumbs way up or five stars or however you call it this duo of Harlan Coben and Scott Brick is an absolute joy to listen to.

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Title: The Woods

Author: Harlan Coben

Narrator: Scott Brick

Format: Audio

Length: 11 CDs


Publisher: Dutton Adult

Release Date: April 2007

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Zorn Za’Darius Smith Authentic Jersey

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