September is all about Murder and Mayhem and Giveaway…

So are all mysteries the same? Any bedroom sleuth will tell your there are worlds of difference between a cozy mystery and a historical serial killer mystery. From cozy mysteries to thrillers, serial killers to romantic suspense everyone loves a little Murder and Mayhem in their novels. This month Novel Reaction is excited to discuss and explore all things Murder and Mayhem. What makes a good suspenseful novel? What is it that keeps you on the edge of your seat, staying up reading way past the time you should be asleep just see if you are right about your suspicions as to who the murderer is? Is it the setting? The characters? The murder itself? We are going to explore all of these options this month. We have a slew of author guest posts lined up, giveaways and a visit from a brick and mortar bookstore The Poisoned Pen specializing in mystery novels located in Scottsdale, Arizona with a great online presence. In addition, we have some great giveaways donated by some of our great author visitors and publishers.

No murder is complete without a murder weapon, so to begin with our month of Murder and Mayhem I am giving away a murder weapon (okay, so it is really a Nerf gun) and a surprise mystery novel. To be entered to win this amazing prize pack just tell me your favorite murder weapon. One of our regular reviewers, Jillian, swears the perfect murder weapon is an icicle, stab someone and then the weapon melts, destroying the evidence. The main problem I have with this weapon is I live in Phoenix, we have a shortage of icicles and even if I was able to get my hands on one them it would melt before I could get it anywhere in the 112 degree weather we have right now.

To be entered simply leave a comment stating your favorite murder weapon. This contest is limited to US and Canadian residents only (sorry international readers, I just can’t afford to ship it to you). The contest ends September 29th at midnight. Make sure you check back regularly  this month as we will have other great giveaways and events going on. Patrick Mahomes II Womens Jersey

8 Replies to “September is all about Murder and Mayhem and Giveaway…”

  1. Poison, I think. But I always was an Agatha Christie fan. Not up on current poisons, but I’ve read about an author who keeps a poison garden, so I could nip over if in search of one.

  2. Using poison is very clever. I’ll go with a Ka-BAR knife. You can kill someone without making noise and this knife is used by the military. If it’s good enough for them, it’s probably a great weapon.

  3. The victim has an allergy to something that no one else is allergic to. It is slipped to the potato salad at a summer party. Killed by Taters?

  4. A *fall* off a cliff while hiking. You could just be out for a stroll and they could just *lose* their footing and walla…

  5. Death penalty by being framed. I’m all about the easy way out. If someone else can do it for me, (firing squad, electric chair,etc) I’m all for that. The big question is what to frame them for… and what the motive is. Hmmm…

  6. It’s similar to the wood chipper idea, but having lived in a small farming community, I would go for some kind of farming implement.There are lots of farming accidents where people lose fingers or arms or the more often than you’d think, loss of life.

  7. I thought of another one…. someone could always “fall” into a sewage tank, where they are overcome by methane gas. Sounds hinky, it’s happened several times in the small town where we lived.

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