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This last week I purchased 43 Georgette Heyer ebooks for my Kindle, this means I have spent the last week delved into the world of Historical England, renewing my acquaintance with old friends (and dealing with the shock my bank account went into with the individual purchases, it caused fraud alert to listed and basically broke my debit card). I am a huge Georgette Heyer fan having spent most of my teen years devouring her novels. While it has been years since I have read some the titles I just purchased (reviews will be forthcoming on some) I know that anything I pick up from her I will enjoy and I usually read 2 or 3 a year anyways. This started me thinking about what is it that makes one novel or author a definite reread every year and what makes others a one time deal. Not that I am saying that every book has to fall into the favorite category because I do enjoy most of the books I read, but it is that special something that means it will be devoured again and again that I have been thinking about.

For me there are certain authors that it is a given I will be reading some of their books each year, Georgette Heyer, David Eddings, Kerryln Sparks, Lynn Kurland, Julia Quinn, Terry Pratchett, and, of course, Jane Austen are just a few on the list. For those of you wondering about the amount I read (which even I admit can be ridiculous) I only review about one in five books that I read, Novel Reaction.com is supposed be about the joy of reading and I decided that if I reviewed every book I read I would come to dread the task (it would feel more like homework than the fun sharing I want it to be).  That being said, I reread a lot that doesn’t get posted on here in addition to other fun reading (and not so fun homework reading) that I do. But really, what is it that draws me in time and time again? For me, it is all about the characters. Obviously I already know what is going to happen with the story line but if a character is witty, if the author can make me laugh, then there is a good chance I am going to wear out my copy of the book. So what is it that creates a favorite book for you? Who is it that you go back to again and again? Or am I the only one who rereads (which I have had people tell me that they dont’ reread before)? Pat Elflein Authentic Jersey

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  1. I’m a rereader, too, Jessica! I have friends who don’t reread books, and I feel a bit sorry for them. The joy of going back into the pages of a favorite read is priceless. I agree there is an indescribable quality that pulls me back in. I can try to rationalize it, but it seems to be a magical combination of elements — character, voice, setting, story world — that work harmoniously and speak to me personally. I feel comfortable with my favorite old reads and always seem to discover something new in them. I am always thrilled to find a new book I know will become a “keeper” to be reread. I found one last week. It’s MAJOR PETTIGREW’S LAST STAND by Helen Simonson. The writing is brilliant, the love story heartwarming. I’m still in the early pages and cherishing it like a box of gourmet chocolates.

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