To eBook or Not to eBook, That is the Question…

Several publishers have announced that they are releasing out of print titles in ebook format and I have noticed that several authors that I enjoy have released their backlists in ebook format. I love being able to get out of print titles to complete a collection or because I have enjoyed an author’s current works and I am interested in reading their other titles. That being said, I started to think about how much I am willing to pay for an out of print ebook. I realize that for authors these are works that they bleed, sweated, and cried over but as a consumer I find myself hesitant or unwilling to purchase these ebooks for the same price I buy new releases for. Call me cheap but if I can get the book for a dollar or two at the used book store I don’t want to pay $7.99 for the book just for the convenience of having it in ebook format. On the other hand, this last week I discovered an author who I own four of her Zebra Regency Romance novels in paperback (for those of you new to Novel Reaction, I have over 5,000 print copies of books, yes, I have a wonderful problem, I love books) was selling her backlisted books for less than a dollar a piece. Despite the fact that I have her books out in a rubbermaid container (alphabetized by author last name, again, I have a problem :)), I purchase all four of the titles again because now I can read them on my Kindle without having to go dig out my print copy of the book. The convenience of having the title on my ereader is huge, and the purger in me likes the fact that I don’t have to store the book. (I have been working my through Hoarders on Netflix and am in purging mode) But I dislike that I can’t loan them out to my friends who don’t have ereaders and I still love holding a book in my hands, there is something so visceral about reading a print copy.

So what do you readers think? Are you willing to pay any price to get backlisted books, because it is hard to track down obscure titles or do you have a limit that you are willing to spend? Saku Koivu Womens Jersey

2 Replies to “To eBook or Not to eBook, That is the Question…”

  1. This is a really interesting question. I think it’s a book-by-book decision … how badly do I want a particular book in ebook format? How badly do I want the book in paper format? I’m about to buy a Kindle and I think my strategy will be to generally buy ebooks, but when an author is in town doing a signing, will buy paper because – well – I just think there’s something special about a book signed by the author.

  2. I love my Kindle, I recommend it over the other ereaders I have seen and I am sure you will love it. I agree about the signed books though, I know that they have come up with ways for authors to sign ebooks but I still don’t think they are the same.

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