Lady Silence by Blair Bancroft Review

Damon Farr is returning home from the war but the peaceful existence he has dreamed of for so many years is disrupted by Katy Snow. Lady Silence by Blair Bancroft begins when Damon is leaving for war, a young man slightly hung-over he doesn’t realize what his impulsive decision to have his household take in the small girl who arrived in the middle of snowstorm will do for his future. Now that he is home he realizes that the girl has grown into a beautiful mute young woman but he suspects that there is more to her story than she is telling anyone and it is up to him to figure out where she came from before he does something rash like kiss her.

Katy Snow, named by the household because she came in from the snow looking like a half-drowned kitten, has worked really hard to create a safe home for herself in Damon’s household.   Desperate to stay safe she is willing to do anything to stay, including becoming the secretary for Damon. Katy finds herself attracted Damon but is afraid to share her history with him for fear that he will turn her out on the streets again.

Lady Silence by Blair Bancroft was a reread for me, I own the print copy but when I saw that the Kindle edition was available for $.99 I couldn’t resist purchasing  it (okay, I am lazy and didn’t want to brave my storage room with the books in bins in the 120 degree weather to get my print copy).  Lady Silence is a different from your typical Regency Romance novel because Katy is mute at a time when even the hint of something different was hidden from society. I enjoyed the story, I felt like Damon flip-flopped a little too much between “she is amazing and I must have her” to “she is a lying con artist out to get what she can”. However, the story was entertaining and the addition of a silent main character is a difficult one for an author to pull off and I felt like Bancroft did so beautifully with Katy. I love that so many authors are releasing their back lists so readers can have access to so many great books.  Lady Silence is definitely worth the $.99 price for the ebook.



Title: Lady Silence

Author: Blair Bancroft

Format: Paperback, eBook

Page Nos.: 224

ISBN: 978-0451215864

Publisher: Signet

Release Date: July 5, 2005

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Jessica


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