Street Dreams by Faye Kellerman Audio Book Review

Officer Cindy Decker is your typical officer trying to make detective for the LAPD. In Street Dreams by Faye Kellerman, while on patrol one night she is flagged down because of a noise coming form a dumpster. The noise just happens to be an abandoned baby that she is able to dig out and get to a pediatric hospital in order to save its life. This is where she Meets Kobe a critical care pediatric nurse. The two strike up and immediate friendship and start seeing each other. Meanwhile Cindy is actively looking or the baby’s mother on her own time, and stumbles across a case of rape and child abuse. With the help of her overworked detective father Cindy is able to locate the mother of the baby, but what she finds surprised even her and leads her down the dark path. Sarah, the baby’s mother, is a down syndrome young woman who attends a special school for those with her disability. Sarah tells the story of her relationship with her boyfriend and subsequent rape by some mean men. While Cindy is investigating this rape she realizes that someone doesn’t want her to get to the truth when they try to take her out one night when she is on a date. The string of bad luck seems to continue when she is on another date with the same man and they witness a hit and run. The hit and run leads Cindy back the same school for those with disabilities that Sarah attends. Who is doing this to these poor women? Can Cindy stop it before it adds to her own street dreams? Can she find the culprit of these terrible crimes before he strikes again, or will she fail? Street Dreams is an exciting adventure of mystery and intrigue. A look into the life of a police officer and the terrible things they have to deal with . The bonds it gives them with one another and the victims they deal with.


Laura Hicks has many credits to her name. She has appeared on Broadway in The Heidi Chronicles. Her off Broadway appearances include but are not limited to: On the Verge, Talking With, and The Cradle Will Rock. She has also appeared on several television series. Laura did a solid job of reading Street Dreams. She did a fantastic job with the characters and really making them come to life through accents and making you feel the quirks that Faye Kellerman gives to her characters. I would give Laura Hicks a 4 out of 5 stars for a job well done.


Street Dreams by Faye Kellerman was a good drama. Not my favorite book that I have ever listened to, but a good book none the less. It seemed to me that it was a little slow to start off, and that may have been by design of the author to give you the hum drum feeling of life. Once I got a few discs in Faye seemed to hit her stride and the book simply took off. The characters were fantastic and humorous in their actions at times. It is definitely a book for adults with all of the foul language and the deplorable subjects that officers have to deal with on a daily basis. I was surprised at the romance that came into Street Dreams. It took on the persona of a romance novel without some of description. However there were some rather descriptive scenes from a semi-conservative point of view. I would recommend this book if you enjoy a good drama with some action and thrills in it. I give Street Dreams a 4 out of 5 stars. Get past what is a slow start in my opinion and it is a great book.




Title: Street Dreams

Author: Faye Kellerman

Read by: Laura Hicks

Format: Unabridged audio book on 12 cds

Page Nos.: 400

ISBN: 0446531316

Publisher: Book Club Associates

Release Date: August 2003

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Zorn Barclay Goodrow Womens Jersey

Great Deals for the Summer…

I love books, obviously, and I am happy to buy books at full price so the author gets all the money they deserve for a well crafted novel (and so they have incentive to keep writing) but I LOVE getting a good deal on books. I do not support book pirating so all links will be to legally free or discounted books. If you are like me, with summer starting you start to have more time to read, either you are on vacation with more down time or you find yourself not as busy with the usual tasks.  However it is that you end up with more reading time, I thought I would share some great deals that I have found and some incredible titles that are free (hooray for free!!). Unfortunately, most of these deals are for ebooks, but to those of you still only reading print copies it will give you some great ideas for the next time you visit your favorite book store.

Avon Publishing has over 30 ebooks priced from $1.99, you can get good deals on books from authors Pamela Palmer, Sandra Hill, Jane Feather, and many others. Find the complete list here and here.

Harlequin has a $1.99 sale going on, most of these titles on print copies and include some Love Inspired and titles from numerous different imprints including their paranormal lines. Find the complete list here.

Besides reading some great new titles, for me summer is also a time to pull out some treasured favorites reads. There is nothing like pulling out an old friend and knowing that you are going to enjoy spending some time with them. I recently discovered that some of my favorites from growing up are available for free courtesy of either the copyright has run out or they are currently available for free from the publisher.

L.M. Montgomery’s classic Anne of Green Gables is available for free here. The rest of the Anne series is also free at

My husband has been enjoyably working this way through Allan Quartermain series by Henry Rider Haggard, you can find his books for free here. I have to admit the only way I know the name Allan Quartermain is courtesy of the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, (Sean Connery does a great job as Quartermain).

Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion is currently free on Kindle here, and on the Nook here. Her The Black Moth is available on Kindle for less than a $1.00 here.

If you are in the mood for a mystery or thriller, there are some great deals on ebooks starting at less than a dollar including Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale and A Little Death in Dixie by Lisa Turner here.

Finally, but definitely not last on my reading list, are the young adult novels. There are some great YA novels available for less than a dollar including Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, both Need and Captivate by Carrie Jones and many other great reads here.

Realize that these deals won’t last long but regardless of what you are in the mood for, there is something great out there, so enjoy! Nathan Shepherd Authentic Jersey

June is Audio Book Month

June is audio book month and here at Novel Reaction we have recently added audio books to a regular reviewing schedule. Zorn, our new audio book reviewer, shared some thoughts about audio books:

I was recently asked why and what I like about audio books. I have to say there are many reasons why I like audio books. First and foremost is I drive a truck for a living and there isn’t much to do behind the wheel. I do talk to family and friends, but I get tired of the phone. Audio books provide a form of entertainment that simply make the hours fly by. I know I’m paying attention to what is going on in front of me, but audio books capture my attention so fully that I can’t believe how much time has gone by. Also since I don’t have the time that I would like to have to sit down and read, audio books provide that for me. Audio books can also entertain your children on long trips if you get books for kids. It keeps the car quiet and allows me to be relaxed and enjoy the trip. There are also so many authors published on audio books that it is easy to find your favorite author, and narrator, and simply enjoy what’s going on around you and still absorb a book. Now with the technology of some of the electronic devices, that read the book to you, along with audio books it has never been easier to take one or several of your books along without all the weight of lugging actual books around. You can clean, workout, or do any of your favorite activities while listening. Simply put in your earphones! Sheldon Richardson Jersey

Twilight Prophecy by Maggie Shayne Review

A prophecy has been unearthed predicting the destruction of the vampire race. In Twilight Prophecy by Maggie Shayne, half-vampire half-human twins James and Brigit believe that the salvation for their species, however, they need scholar Lucy Lanfair to translate an ancient tablet that will give them hints as to what they need to do to save their people.

All Lucy has every wanted to do was be a scholar, running at the first sign of trouble she has managed to keep her world small, secure and predictable. When Lucy translates a tablet that predicts the end of the world she finds herself thrown into a world she didn’t know existed, wanted by the government and kidnapped by vampires, she doesn’t know who she can trust or what to believe. As Lucy gets to know James she finds herself drawn to the man but can she believe what he is telling her or is he only using her for his own ends…

Jumping into the middle of a series is always difficult but it is especially true when the series spans so many novels. For those we have read The Wings in the Night series, Twilight Prophecy is a continuation of the world that Maggie Shayne has created, many characters from the previous novels appear in this one. If you are like me and haven’t read any of Maggie Shayne’s previous novels, the story can stand alone although I did feel like I was missing out on not knowing the characters better and I felt there were sections in the story where I would have been more emotionally involved with the trial’s the characters had. James’ gift, beyond the normal vampire skills, was interesting and unique and his decision to live the life he did was an interesting twist to a genre that has been written so much about. I suspect that Brigit will get her own love story in one of the following novels and look forward to her finding someone who can handle her particular talent. Overall, the novel was unique in its take on the vampire world and I enjoyed it.

You can read an excerpt here.

The Wings In the Night Series:

Twilight Phantasies

Twilight Memories

Twilight Illusions

Beyond Twilight

Born in Twilight

Twilight Vows

Twilight Hunger

Embrace the Twilight

Run from Twilight

Edge of Twilight

Blue Twilight

Before Blue Twilight

Prince of Twilight

Demon’s Kiss

Lover’s Bite

Angel’s Pain


Twilight Prophecy

Vampires in Paradise (July 2011)

Twilight Fulfillment (October 2011)



Title: Twilight Prophecy

Author: Maggie Shayne

Format: Paperback, eBook, Audio book

Page Nos.: 474

ISBN: 0778329801

Publisher: Mira

Release Date: May 1, 2011

Available for purchase: Amazon, eHarlequin

Reviewer: Jessica


**I received a copy of this book from the NetGalley but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way.


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