Austenland by Shannon Hale Review

Jane Hayes exits the modern day New York and enters the land of Jane Austen in the book Austenland by Shannon Hale. Jane Hayes is constantly searching for her Mr. Right in all the wrong guys. When her very wealthy great aunt comes for a visit and discovers Jane’s obsession with Pride and Prejudice, Jane is given a trip to Austenland: a place for her to play the part of the regency era and find her own “Mr. Darcy” during her two week ‘visit to her aunt’. Although the older lady is not really her aunt, she enjoys her time spent in this unique place free from electronics and many modern conveniences. Throughout the novel, Jane searches for a man to sweep her off her feet or make her forget about Mr. Darcy entirely. A modern day gardener swept into the mix named Martin catcher her eye, but then there is Mr. Nobley, the regency period man she meets while in Austenland. Can Jane keep facts from fiction or will she forget that after the two week stay, she is heading back to her real life in New York? Will she finally find true love in this fantasy land?

I really loved this novel!! I love how it incorporated modern day with the regency era of Pride and Prejudice. I really liked the main character Jane and how quickly she recognized her own faults. I love the way Shannon Hale portrayed Jane’s feelings as well as her own confusion about what she was feeling. It added a certain depth to the story that really made the plot a lot more interesting. The ending of the story was a very surprising twist, and I was quite surprised with how it happened. I love Jane’s way of analyzing all of the people around her! It added a point of view of the various characters that added greatly to the story. I also enjoyed how at the start of the chapters, Shannon Hale had a small excerpt about each of Jane’s failed relationships. It really helped me to understand why Jane felt the way she did towards guys!

You can read an excerpt here. Also, Shannon Hale has posted an alternative ending that can be found here, if you haven’t read the novel beware because it is a spoiler.

Reading Order:


Midnight in Austenland (January 2012)




Title: Austenland

Author: Shannon Hale

Format: Paperback, ebook

Page Nos.: 208

ISBN: 1596912855

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Release Date: May 2007

Reviewer: Jillian

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