Red Riding Hood Books-to-Movie Report

Okay, are you ready for first for Novel Reaction, a book based on a movie based on a fairy tale based on an orally told story?! (I know, it took me a minute to wrap my mind around it too.)

Let me start off by saying, freakiest trees ever! They look vicious through out the movie, I would hate to be close to one of them when they were coming down because you could easily be impaled on a stray branch.

I have to admit that I was shocked when there were differences between the book and the movie. The author of the novel spent time on the set while the cast was filming to get a better understanding of the characters so I fully expected that the two would match exactly. However, there were some differences in the beginning of the story, the end of the story and in the character of Valerie’s sister. In the novel Valerie’s sister was the prettier of the two and the one that everyone in the village loved.

I am not a Amanda Seyfried fan but she did an okay job as Valerie (Red Riding Hood). I felt like she spent most of the film with tears in her eyes, always on the verge of crying. I was also kind of annoyed by the character in the novel, “I love this guy”, “No, I could be happy with this other guy”, “No, I am going to spend my life alone”, “I really love this guy”. It felt a little like reading a yo-yo, back around up and down we go, besides that I enjoyed the book and the film.

I thought the guys playing both Peter and Henry were great, although I expected the actor portraying Henry to be a little bulkier in the shoulders, being a blacksmith. I don’t blame Valerie for wanting Peter.

Both the novel and the film did a great job of not giving away who is the wolf. Definitely not who I thought it was going to be. I’m not going to tell you who it is, let’s just say I totally thought it was grandma the entire movie.

I wanted to talk about the unique way they published this book, my edition did not include the final chapter, I had to go online to read the ending. While I didn’t love this, I do have to give Little, Brown Books for Young Readers props for trying something different. With the changing of the publishing industry I think that publishers and authors have to rethink they way they are doing things, only those who are willing to change will survive.

Finally, the cinematography in this film is incredible! Visually it is amazing and there was some great action. Overall, I enjoyed both and recommend both to readers and watchers who are looking for a good fantasy story. What did you think? Love the movie? Hate it?

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