Ghost Hunter by Jayne Castle Review

Elly St. Clair moved away from her family and her academic job after realizing that her fiancée, Cooper Boone, didn’t love her, but now she finds herself needing his help when one of her neighbors has gone missing in her new town of Cadence City. Ghost Hunter is the third book in the Ghost Hunters Series by Jayne Castle, Cadence City, like most major cities in Harmony is built adjacent to the  alien ruins and Elly’s neighbor, Bertha, is a ruin rat, someone who searches the ruins for alien artifacts with a permit. Elly knows she needs Cooper’s skills find Bertha but she worries that her heart won’t be able to be handle being close to Cooper again, who she stills loves six months after she gave back his ring.

Cooper has never considered their engagement terminated and he has come to Cadence City to get Elly to realize that fact and return with him. But instead of being able to focus on Elly, Cooper finds himself having to deal with the strange events that are going in Elly’s neighborhood and threaten her safety. Cooper has carefully planned out every step of his life since he was nine years old but he never factored Elly being a part of that plan, but now that she is a large part of his plan he finds himself having to adjust because she never reacts in the way he expects. As the danger escalates, so does their relationship and they both start to realize this danger may be coming from Elly’s past.

Ghost Hunter is the third book in Castle’s Ghost Hunters series that takes place in the world of Harmony, colonized by humans when a curtain opened in space but now cut off from Earth. You don’t need to read the books in order but I think it does help to keep what is happening in the Harmony world straight because you do meet some of the characters from the previous novels but Castle does a great job of giving you enough of a back story to allow to follow the story without having to read the prior books.  I love the entire series, I got sucked into the series a couple of weeks ago and read the entire series in less than a week. Castle’s alien landscape is detailed and intriguing but it is her character, the dust bunny, that really stole my heart and sold me on these novels. A creature that looks like a giant ball of lint when relaxed they become sleek and are predators by nature. They have four eyes, two of which only open when they are hunting, and six legs with sharp teeth that can cause damage. In this novel Rose attaches herself to Elly and the two form a physic bond of sorts, Rose is attracted to shiny bracelets and wears them around her neck like a show-girl.

The entire series is a great mix of sci-fi, paranormal, romance, and intrigue that doesn’t get stale and keeps you coming back for more.

You can read a sample here.

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Title: Ghost Hunter

Author: Jayne Castle

Format: Paperback, eBook

Page Nos.:  340

ISBN: 9780515141405

Publisher: Jove Books

Release Date: May 2006

Available for purchase: Amazon, Google Books,

Reviewer: Jessica

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