Housekeeper’s Happy-Ever After by Fiona Harper Review

Ellie Bonds entire world changed on one rainy night when she lost her husband and daughter and she suffered brain injury, she has been hiding from the world ever since. Housekeeper’s Happy-Ever After by Fiona Harper, Ellie has decided that the time has come to rejoin the world but she needs a quiet safe place to do that and a housekeeping job for music mogul Mark seems like the perfect opportunity. But Ellie finds it harder than she expected to move beyond her sadness and deal with her new limitations based on the lingering symptoms  from her brain injuries. Then she meets her charming boss and wonders if she can risk her heart again.

Mark is used to women who use him for what he can give them, be it money, publicity or music connections so he is suspicious of all women and thinks that the slightly odd housekeeper he has hired must be after something. But after realizing her early morning forays are to enjoy the sun rising in the garden Mark decides to take closer look at his new housekeeper. He finds Ellie’s standoffish attitude and small quirks interesting and he finds himself spending more time at home and less time the road. But can Mark trust that Ellie is what she seems?

It has been awhile since I have read a traditional Harlequin Romance novel and I loved Housekeeper’s Happy-Ever After. Ellie’s story is heartbreaking and I broke out in tears at one point during the novel because of everything she lost and had to deal with. Mark’s habit in keeping himself emotionally distanced from those around him is believable and makes me want to just hug him. The novel is a quick read, but absolutely heart wrenching and heart warming. I highly recommend it!

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Title: Housekeeper’s Happy-Ever After

Author: Fiona Harper

Format: Paperback, eBook

Page Nos.: 192

ISBN: 978-0373176540

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: April 2010

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Jessica Shaq Thompson Womens Jersey

The Prairie Prince by Marcia Lynn McClure Review

Katie Matthews has perfected the art of escaping into nature to get away from the difficulties that are in her life, dreaming of a prince to come rescue her. Then she meets Stover Steele but is he her prince or just a secondary character?! In The Prairie Prince by Marcia Lynn McClure, Katie who meets Stover after falling asleep under her favorite tree only to awaken to find herself decorated with wildflowers, including individual flowers between each of her toes. Stover has the responsibility of caring for his eight-year-old triplet half-sisters and plans on focusing on their care, not finding love but he is surprised by Katie’s sweetness, especially given her upbringing.

Katie’s parents’ relationship has led Katie to be wary of entering into marriage and her father’s abusive tendencies makes her wary of entering into a relationship. Also, the neighbor girls her age mean attitudes have eroded what little self-confidence Katie may have had so she has a hard time believing that whatever is attracting Stover to her will last beyond the initial meeting. To complicate matters Katie’s brother Jared starts to develop a relationship with Stover’s full sister Piper. Piper has a deformity that makes her shy but Jared is able to get her to come out of her shell but Jared is hesitant to enter into a relationship, he feels that if he leaves his parents’ house it will leave his mother and Katie open to more abuse from his father.

For me I know what I am getting anytime I pick up a Marcia Lynn McClure novel, I know it is going to be cute quick clean read and The Prairie Prince lives up to this expectation. Katie’s lack of self-confidence is believable given the family life she has, her father’s abuse and general attitude toward woman has undermined her feelings of self-worth. I loved the triplet’s antics, they were always getting into trouble and being where they shouldn’t be. I was a little confused by the new character introduced in the last couple of chapters as a help for Katie’s mother but I can see that McClure was trying to give all the characters a happily ever after, it just felt a little contrived when the mother wasn’t much of a physical presence in the earlier story. I got the ebook for $0.99 on and it was worth the money for the cute read.



Title: The Prairie Prince

Author: Marcia Lynn McClure

Format: Paperback,  eBook

Page Nos.: 220

ISBN: 978-0971338982

Publisher: Distractions Ink

Release Date: April 2008

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Jessica Donald Penn Authentic Jersey