Merger by Sanjay Sanghoee Review

TriNet Communications is run by CEO, Vikram “Vik” Suri. It is a company that works in the media world and is getting ready to merge with a satellite operator. What people don’t know is that Vik has a hidden agenda behind this merger and he is willing to kill to have it go through. In Merger by Sanjay Sanghoee, Vik has enough power and money that he can make people disappear or have their careers ruined, unfortunately, Tom Carter is just about to find out how true that is. Tom Carter is an investment banker working on the deal. He struggles with trying to make the right decision when he finds out that there are issues with the merger. Does he ruin his career and break his silence, or does he go along with it, hoping that no one else gets hurt?

Amanda Fleming is a reporter at for the New York Times and is eager to get her big “break”. She gets a anonymous phone call telling her of the merger before it is known to everyone else. The questions she starts asking brings her to the wrong side of Vik’s power. Does she get her story without losing her life?

Merger was the first one I’ve read about mergers. I found it very informative and appreciated Sanjay Sanghoee taking the time to explain certain procedures that go along with mergers. It was a very intriguing story behind the merger. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and how they play out. There is a little swearing and the use of the F* word and some very descriptive sex scenes. I would give it 3 and a half stars and 5 stars on the sex scenes.

You can read an excerpt here.



Title: Merger

Author: Sanjay Sanghoee

Format:  Hardbound

Page Nos.: 384

ISBN: 978-0765311139

Publisher: Forge Books

Release Date: July 2005

Available for purchase: Amazon

Reviewer: Jocee


**I received a copy of this book from the publisher but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way


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Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference, Have you registered yet?

The Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference is going to be held April 13-17th. Right after I started blogging I was smart enough (okay, at the time I had no idea how helpful it would turn out to be but thank goodness I attended) to attend the online conference. At the conference I have learned how to contact publishers to get books to review, what publishers are looking for when it comes to review sites (it is not all about the numbers) and I met some amazing bloggers that I keep in contact with.

This year’s Conference will be covering everything from what publishers are looking for to emerging trends in the review world. There are forums to get a critique of your site and/or reviews. This Conference is amazing and the best part is, I get to sit in my pajamas at home! Publishers have donated books so every blogger who attends get to choose from the great selection of titles offered. (They are currently taking up a large amount of space on the floor in my spare bedroom floor.)

From the invite:

The Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference is being held April 13-17 and we are very excited to have some fabulous publishers involved and to be offering thirty audio panels, numerous forums, and chat rooms. The best part is you can attend from the comfort of your home!


We will be giving away books to all bloggers and reviewers attending and all the panels are recorded so that if you miss any live you have a month to catch up. Learn how to work with publishers and get review copies, where you can attend live events, what other bloggers are doing to promote their blogs, and gain a better understanding of how the industry works.


Publishers Participating

Simon & Schuster, Penguin USA, Bloomsbury, Sourcebooks, Bell Bridge Books, Egmont, The Wild Rose Press, MLR, Lyrical Press, Breathless Press, Ravenous Romance, Dreamspinner Press, Dark Castle Lords, and 15 more.


If you are interested in learning more visit the BBP Blog –

Registration is $45 for 5 days – Depending on Genre You will receive more than the price of admittance  in free books – Shipping of $7 or under may be added for the shipping on the large print giveaways.  If money is an issue please email us and see about helping with the conference in exchange for attending.


Thank you for your time and consideration, if you have any further questions you can email Terry Kate at


More information on the panels can be found below.

  1. Legal Issues and Book Blogging – everything a blogger should know about disclosing book sources, the FTC guidelines and the new blog subscription system via Amazon and copyright issues.
  2. The Financial Side of Book Blogging – as affiliates, what do we need to claim on our taxes? Does our revenue have to reach a certain level before we’re liable? Is monetizing our sites really worth it?
  3. Audio Books – How to get them and how to review them.
  4. Publisher Blogs
  5. What Publishers Look For in a Blog – find out what publishers want to see in a review site.
  6. Vlogs?!? What are They? How do They Work? – how long should they be? What’s their draw? Tips and hints to make them better.
  7. Young Adult Books, What is Coming Out and Who is Reading
  8. Reviewing under 18? – Tips on being professional and how to approach publishers.
  9. Is YA White Washed? – What can be talked about? What goes to far? Is realism lost?
  10. YA Blogging Over 30? 40? 50? – approaching the genre from a different perspective and the authors writing it.
  11. What Publicity Departments Do – Hear from the houses and better understand what they are looking for.
  12. Self Publishing is Changing – What do we think? Why authors are choosing it and how self-publishing works. With the changing technology, as reviewers, are we more willing to review these titles?
  13. PopUp PublishersP – Where are they all coming from?!? – Finding and reviewing new publishers. What are we looking for when we read their books?
  14. Reviewing: Print vs. Ebooks
  15. Single vs Multiple Reviewer Sites – Pros and Cons
  16. A Mission Statement for Your Blog
  17. Attending Live Events as a Blogger – Hear from bloggers who have attended Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention, Authors After Dark, and the Book Expo of America.
  18. Promoting Your Site – Discussion on both passive and active marketing ideas.
  19. Negative and Positive Reviews and Why both are Needed
  20. Authors, Bloggers, Publishers Behaving Badly
  21. Blogger Burnout – Learn different approaches for getting over the burn.
  22. Time Management –
  23. What Bloggers WANT – publishers are not mind readers, what would make it easier for us?
  24. The Design & Technical Side of Blogging – Learn how to track stats; the intricacies of Technorati, Feedburn, Google Friend Connect, etc; HTML & CSS tricks.
  25. How to Help Authors Give Us What We Want

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The Thieves of Darkness by Richard Doetsch Review

Michael St. Pierre thought he had left his thieving days behind him, his security business is going well and he has finally found a woman, KC, who can keep up with him. In The Thieves of Darkness by Richard Doetsch, Michael is called upon to commit a crime that even he has not undertaken before, breaking into a prison to rescue his friend Simon.  He is shocked when he discovers his new girlfriend, KC, in the cell next to Simon and scheduled to be killed the following morning. Thinking they had escaped the prison free and clear the group travels to Istanbul to refuel their jet before returning to the United States. But the escape from the prison is just the beginning of this globe-trotting adventure that will take the group from hidden sites in Istanbul to the mountains of the Himalayas.

KC has done what she has needed to in order to provide a stable home for her younger sister after her parents are killed when KC was just a teenager. KC finally starts think she is able to leave her thieving days behind her when her sister is captured and KC finds herself in a race against time to save her sister by solving a centuries old mystery by figuring out where an ancient treasure has been hidden. But as the clues start to be revealed KC and Michael must decide if they are ready to unleash this possibly evil treasure out into the world and whether their relationship can stand this intense test (not to mention the lies they told each other about their pasts).

The Thieves of Darkness is the first adventure thriller I have read in years and now, based on the author’s descriptions, I want visit Istanbul to see the compound that KC and Michael broke into. The novel started off quickly and never lost momentum, think Indiana Jones meets The Italian Job. Doetsch’s descriptions of the areas they visit are vivid but not boring or overpowering to the main plot line. The action is consistent and the arguing between KC and Michael is fast-paced and entertaining with a great cast of secondary characters (for me it is all about the secondary characters, they can make or break a story).  I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and will be picking up the other books in the series to read.

You can hear an excerpt here.

The Thieves Series:

The Thieves of Heaven

The Thieves of Faith

The Thieves of Darkness



Title: The Thieves of Darkness

Author: Richard Doetsch

Format: Paperback, eBook

Page Nos.: 480

ISBN: 1416598952

Publisher: Atria

Release Date: August 2010

Available for purchase:

Reviewer: Jessica


**I received a copy of this book from the publisher but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way.

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Treasure of Khan By Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler Read by Scott Brick Review

Once again Dirk Pitt and his faithful sidekick Al Giordino are back in this action adventure thriller, Treasure of Khan, by Clive and Dirk Cussler. As always with a Cussler book it starts of with somewhat of a history lesson. Whether fact or fiction I’m not sure but it sounds good as I am not a history buff. The book starts out back in the time of Genghis Khan and his brother Kublai Khan. The Mongolian army is trying to invade Japan and once again is thwarted by mother nature. One of the intrepid warriors is on a ship that is blown way off course and is ravaged by a typhoon. They are blown so far off course that they end up in Hawaii. There they stay for many years until a native shows them that they still have the ship they arrived on. They arrive home in time to see Kublai Khan before he dies. The emperor is then buried and his treasure with him and on to the modern day the book goes. Dirk is nearly drowned by a monster wave on Russia’s Lake Baikal as he and his Numa crew are doing a survey on the lake. The wave is caused by an underwater earthquake which a crew of another vessel sets off as they are trying to disrupt the worlds flow of oil. Dirk and Al then set off on a quest to find out how and who caused this wave and why. Their travels take them through parts of Russia, and then on to Mongolia where they find the man in charge of the people that set off the quake. They are then chased off the property by the man’s Mongolian guards only to be stranded in the Gobi desert without food and water. Once again they escape death only to gather more clues on their journey back to the estate of the oil tycoon. All this time they are trying to rescue some oil consultants that have been kidnapped by the same oil tycoon. Do they get out this time or is this the end of the duo? You’ll have to read or listen to the book to find out.

Scott Brick is the reader of this audio book. He has many credits to his name. He once again has done a wonderful job of reading this book. He is subtle with his accents and inflections to where you almost don’t even realize he is doing it. He just has an entertaining voice and way of reading the book that just gets you lost in the adventure, and you nearly forget that you are being read a book. I have listened to other books that Mr. Brick has read, and they have all been the same way. I enjoy listening to his performances, and am excited when I listen to a new audio book read by Mr. Brick.

I enjoyed Treasure of Khan along with many others Dirk Pitt adventure series, as Treasure of Khan is the 19th book in the series. They are among my favorite books to read or listen to in this case. The author has a fantastic way of getting and keeping you absorbed in the book. The little history lesson at the first isn’t my favorite, but then I have never been a fan a history. However whether the first of the book is fact or fiction it gives you a little background on the setting of the book with also letting you know what Dirk and his crew are going to be looking for, or sometimes happen to stumble onto. There is also always a villain that has to be battled at some point which provides the adventure, and the wondering if Dirk and Al are going to make it out yet again provides the suspense. The book switches story lines right at the right time and makes you want to just keep putting in the next cd and listen some more. The only thing that I didn’t like doesn’t have anything to do with the author or reader of the book, but the condition of the cd’s. At the first exciting part in the book the cd started to skip and made it very hard to tell what was going on, but that is an audio book from the library for you. Overall it was a clean book both with language and romance. The language just refers to how the characters curse without actually using the swear word, and the romance is just merely hinted at and non descriptive at all. I would highly recommend this book to just about anyone that is capable of reading a book on this level. I give it five stars and a big thumbs up all around. Now I just hope that Dirk Pitt adventures continue for myself and all other fans to enjoy.

Dirk Pitt Adventures Novel:

Normally I post a list of the books in order but there are 21 Dirk Pitt novels so far so I am not going to, if you are interested in the reading order check out the authors website.




Title: Treasure of Khan

Author: Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler

Read By: Scott Brick

Format: Audio (unabridged)

Length.: 18 hours

ISBN: 978-0143058953

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Release Date: November 2006

Available for purchase: Amazon,

Reviewer: Zorn Jose Juan Barea Womens Jersey