Anastasia’s Secret by Susanne Dunlap Review

Anastasia Romanov, in Anastasia’s Secret by Susanne Dunlap, has quite the life. She is one of the daughters of the Tsar of Russia, and has life pretty easy. Her family travels from palace to palace depending on the time of year, and she has new toys to play with at each new palace. As she gets a little older, the revolutions in Russia begin to emerge. As the fighting escalades, each member of the royal family does as much as they can to help out by knitting bandages, reading to the wounded soldiers, and even learning basic nursing practices. Much blood is shed and the Bolsheviks eventually seize control of the government, banishing the imperial family to live in Siberia. The rebels heavily debate the future of the royal family, but even in this turmoil, Anastasia finds her love, Sasha. Sasha was a guard of the imperial family when Anastasia was young, but has since then switched to the rebels in order to stay close to her. The family had many different troubles to fight through. Some were personal struggles and some were struggles that the entire family had to fight together. The imperial family lost so much throughout this life changing event, but they always stuck together.

I liked this book, but at times it was hard to follow. Susanne Dunlap did a good job of finding facts to make this book historically accurate and it definitely paid off! The book continually kept me in awe at how drastically the imperial family’s lives were changed, and it all happened within a relatively brief amount of time. This book was a little more graphic than I generally like to read, but overall it was very good.



Title: Anastasia’s Secret

Author: Susanne Dunlap

Format: Paperback, Hardbound

Page Nos.: 352

ISBN: 978-1599904207

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Release Date: March 2010

Available for Purchase: Amazon, Bloomsbury

Reviewer: Jillian

**I received a copy of this book from Bloomsbury Publishing but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way. Justin Upton Jersey

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