The Saboteur: A Novel of Love and War by Dean Hughes Review

Dean Hughes has done an amazing job in writing Saboteur! It is the first book of his that I have read, and I couldn’t put it down! Dean’s descriptions are just amazing when it comes to the scenery and the characters.

Andy is training to be a paratrooper in 1943. The government contacts him and wants him to be a spy in France before the invasion occurs to feed back information on German troops. He takes this job as a boy, and soon learns he must become a man to fulfill it. Andy isn’t allowed to tell anyone what his new job is not his family, or Whisper, the girl he has asked to wait for him. Andy soon finds himself injured and trying to fit in behind enemy lines and deals with the questions as to what he truly believes in.

Whisper is just trying to keep up hope for her one love, Andy, but struggles when she goes months without hearing a word from him and then when she does, he says to find someone else. She leans on Andy’s little brother, Flip, and learns what true friendship really is.

Flip, a young boy, is eager to join the army and fight for America. He wants to enlist, but his father wont sign for him. Flip becomes friends with Tom, a Japanese inmate at Topaz, while Tom helps him with his farm duties, in little Delta, Utah. Flip soon realizes that Tom is just as American as he is and struggles with why Tom is locked up.

Saboteur is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time! I was drawn to the characters and their personal struggles with their lives. It put me back into the time of World War II. Such a hard thing that families had to go through, and to struggle with just trying to survive during the war. I would recommend this book. There is some gore in it with the fight scenes and a little kissing. No bad language at all.


Title: The Saboteur: A Novel of Love and War

Author: Dean Hughes

Format: Hardbound

Page Nos.: 512

ISBN: 978-1590386194

Publisher: Desert Publishing

Release Date: August 2006

Available for purchase:

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