Need by Carrie Jones Review

Zara White is struggling with the death of her step-father, throwing her entire world off kilter. Thinking a change of scenery would be good for Zara, Zara’s mother sends her to live with her grandmother Betty in Bedford, Maine. Need by Carrie Jones begins with Zara arriving in Maine and having to start at a new high school. As Zara slowly starts to come out of her shell and depression, she realizes that not everything in Bedford is as it should be. When a teenage boy goes missing Zara decides to investigate, despite the danger she could be in.

Not only does Zara find herself at the center of two boys attention and competition, she keeps seeing the same man following her. Every time she starts to investigate closer she finds strange gold dust on the snowy ground and sexy Nick coming to her rescue. Little does Zara know that Nick is a were wolf, bound and determined to save mankind and the man chasing after her is from her past.

Having read the second book, Captivate, first I knew most of what to expect from Need, that being said, it was a great read.  The uncontrollable need of the pixies and their attacking the young men in the community was a compelling read.  I LOVE Zara’s phobia fixation and her firm belief (misguided though it may be at times) that if you can name something you can overcome your fear of it. Jones creates a captivating world where the adults and youth work together to save the humans from an old evil. I love the entire series and highly recommend you read them all!

You can read an excerpt here.

Need Series:





Title: Need

Author: Carrie Jones

Format: Paperback, Hardbound, eBook

Page Nos.: 336

ISBN: 1599904535

Publisher: Bloomsbury Teen

Release Date: December 2009

Available for purchase:, Bloomsbury Teen

Reviewer: Jessica Jason Verrett Womens Jersey

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