Redeeming Daisy by Tanya Hanson Review

Dr. Pike Martin is upset when Daisy Denmore doesn’t trust his official opinion on her dog after all the trouble he went to take care of her when she got drunk at the last party they both attended. In Redeeming Daisy by Tanya Hanson, Daisy knows that she has made some mistakes in the past but she is trying to start her life over again in the town she grew up but finds herself making the same types of mistakes she always makes.  After Pike tells her the prognosis of her beloved dog, Daisy refuses to accept the the one person (because beloved pets are people in our lives)  in her life that has loved her unconditionally is going to leave and demands a second opinion.

Pike, while upset with Daisy on the one hand, finds himself drawn to Daisy despite the fact that they seem to fight every time they are within shouting distance of each other. To make matters worse, Pike’s mother seems to be throwing Daisy and Pike together as often as possible.

Daisy’s return to the town she grew up in after having suffered through a divorce that left her with nothing was touching and her anger and continued mistakes were believable as she tried to put her life back on course.  I loved Pike’s character and his heartache for the animals was touching. Redeeming Daisy is a shorter book than most I read so I felt like I breezed through it. My only complaint is I felt that the story could have been longer.

Hearts Crossing Ranch

Hearts Crossing Ranch

Redeeming Daisy


Title: Redeeming Daisy

Author: Tanya Hanson

Format:  ebook

Page Nos.: 109

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

Release Date: September 2010

Available for purchase: White Rose Publishing

Reviewer: Jessica

**I received a copy of this book from the publisher but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way. Justin Abdelkader Womens Jersey

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  1. Oh, I forgot this. I am so delighted you would have liked a longer story. Sadly, the constraints of a novella kept me at a certain word length. Thanks again for taking the time.

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