Christmas Novels for 2010

If you are like me, Fall is the signal of the beginning of the holidays. The cooler days start me thinking about winter, which of course gets me thinking about fires crackling in the fireplace, hearty soups and the smell of pine. In one word, Christmas!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the silliness and dressing up of Halloween, the family togetherness and food of Thanksgiving but there is something about Christmas that warms my heart with memories. Or perhaps it is the release of the Christmas themed novels. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for the holidays to come and then I can’t wait to take my decorations down and get back to normal life. 🙂

Some of my favorite Christmas themed novels were the Christmas kitten collections published by Zebra under their Regency Romance line. I thought with the beginning of holiday season to give you a sneak peak of some of the Christmas novels being released this holiday season.

A Christmas Promise by Mary Balough

A love that cannot be bought or sold proves to be the greatest gift of all, in this heartwarming classic that demonstrates once again why New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh is among the mostcelebrated authors of historical romance.

Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions—especially when a couple seems as well matched as Randolph Pierce, Earl of Falloden, and his bride-to-be, Eleanor Transome. Ellie brings to the marriage a vast dowry, while Falloden, though distant, is handsome, tremendously desirable, and possessed of a title most young ladies can only dream of sharing.

Yet Ellie is not most young ladies. She knows that she must honor her dear father’s dying wish for her to wed the proud earl, but she dreads a lifetime in a union without love—and how can Falloden claim to love her when he married her only for her fortune? As Christmas descends upon the Falloden manor, the warmth of the season may yet melt away the trappings of duty and wealth, leaving behind only a man and a woman destined for each other’s arms

I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Linda Lael Miller, Catherine Mulvany, Roxanne St. Clair and Julie Leto


delivers a holiday miracle in the bittersweet tale of a young woman who can’t hide her broken heart — or her past — when she returns to her hometown. But a sexy widower may just help her discover the true meaning of home in “Christmas of the Red Chiefs.”


spins a fairy tale come true in “Once Upon a Christmas.” They flirted as teenagers, but it takes time — and some divine intervention — to bring two star-crossed lovers together at last.


pairs fire and ice in “Meltdown,” the sensual tale of a Cuban-American PR whiz whose job description includes thawing out her CEO boss’s frosty image. Will their sparks torch into flames of passion?


unwraps the thrills of Christmas in New York, where a female bodyguard toys with a dangerous desire for a mysterious hunk while protecting his young daughter. It’s a risky game with passion as the prize in “You Can Count on Me.”

Mistletoe Everywhere by Linda Banche.

A man who sees mistletoe everywhere is mad–or in love.

Charles sees mistletoe. Not surprising, since he’s spending Christmas at Mistletoe Manor. But why does no one else see it? And why does it always appear above Penelope, the despised lady who jilted him after their last meeting?

Penelope wants nothing to do with the faithless Charles, the man who cried off after she accepted his marriage proposal. But he still stirs her heart–and he stares at her all the time. Or rather, he stares at the empty ceiling over her head…What does he see?

According to folklore, mistletoe is the plant of peace. Can Penelope and Charles, so full of hurt and anger, heed the mistletoe’s message and make peace?

A Darcy Christmas by Amanda Grange, Sharon Lathan and Carolyn Eberhart

From Amanda Grange, the bestselling author of Mr. Darcy’s Diary andMr. Darcy, Vampyre, Christmas finds the Darcy’s celebrating the holiday with preparations for a ball, but the festivities are interrupted by the arrival of a very special gift…

Ever sensual and romantic, Sharon Lathan highlights everything that’s best and most precious in the celebrations of the holiday season. After a quarter of a century together, Darcy and Elizabeth reminisce…

Jane Austen meets Charles Dickens! Carol Eberhart’s Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Carol finds Darcy encountering ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, who show him his life if pride keeps him from his one true love. -from

I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Fern Michaels

Comfort And Joy

Ever since Angie Bradford took over her mother’s gift wrap business in the Eagle Department Store, she and handsome store chief Josh Eagle have been at odds. When Josh threatens to give up on the business it’s time for a miracle under the mistletoe. . .

The Christmas Stocking

Amy Baran is determined to raise money for a new seniors’ center by harvesting Christmas trees from the small-town Virginia farm she remembers from her childhood. Trouble is, Gus Moss has his own ideas about saving the farm his father has neglected. Neither wants to give up, but when attraction turns to romance, they just might have to give in. . .

A Bright Red Ribbon

Being dumped by your boyfriend on Christmas Eve has got to be the worst. Still, Morgan Ames promised she’d wait two Christmases for his return–tonight–and she always keeps her promises. But a sudden snowstorm has other ideas, including a romantic turn Morgan never imagined. . .

Merry, Merry

If cosmetic king Peter King thinks he’s going to buy struggling veterinarian Andi Evans’s family property out from under her, he’s got another thing coming. This Christmas, she’s ready for war. . .or would that be love?

Holiday Havoc by Terri Reed and Stephanie Newton

Mayhem and mistletoe share the holiday in these two suspenseful stories

Yuletide Sanctuary by Terri Reed

A cry for help shatters youth counselor Sean Matthews’s quiet Christmas night. He saves Lauren Curtis from her attacker—for now. But the vengeful man on her trail won’t be held at bay for long….

Christmas Target by Stephanie Newton

She hadn’t wanted the contest “prize” in the first place. But when police officer Maria Fuentes arrives for the holiday vacation she won, she finds much more than expected. Her “date”—handsome weatherman Ben Storm—is in danger, and Maria is the only protector he’ll trust.

A Montana Mavericks Christmas by Susan Mallory and Karen Hughes

“Married in Whitehorn” by Susan Mallery

Duty-bound to protect pregnant amnesiac Angela Sheppard, Deputy Sheriff Shane McBride swore he’d never give his heart. Yet, soon he hungered to call the attractive widow his own. Was it possible a wedding—with baby!—was due for Whitehorn’s brooding man in blue?

“Born in Whitehorn” by Karen Hughes

Dr. Jeremy Winters discovered he was a daddy when he came to beautiful Leah Nighthawk’s rescue and delivered their tiny twins. And though the hard-hearted doctor would never deny his babies a daddy this Christmas, would he give Leah the gift of his love?

Lawmen and Outlaws Christmas Anthology by Mallary Mitchell, Emma McKee, Tanya Hanson and Shannon Robinson
‘Twas the week before Christmas, and Odessa Courtland needs a miracle…

She’s about to give birth, an outlaw thinks she stole from him and has threatened to kill her family, and she has no one to turn to for help.

Deputy Deke Ramey is sent to keep tabs on the widow and the outlaw. He falls in Odessa’s chimney, she claims he’s an answered prayer, and her daughters think he’s Saint Nicholas. Deke is convinced the lovely widow is no thief, even though she steals his heart.

Wrongly accused of murder, Sawyer McBride flees Lone Creek. Five years later, he returns and finds himself looking down the barrel of justice in the hands of the only woman he ever loved.

Do you have any Christmas novels you read again and again? Are you looking forward to any particular novels this holiday season?

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