Official Talk Like Jane Austen Day

Today marks the 199th Anniversary of the publishing of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, while this was not the first novel Jane Austen wrote, it was the first novel she published. In celebration of all the wonderful literature and films that Jane Austen has brought us, today is designated as Official Talk Like Jane Austen Day. How does one go about speaking like Jane Austen you ask? Well, first you have to get rid of all contractions. No more “don’t”, “won’t”, “can’t” or “we’ll.”  For today it is “do not”, “will not”, “cannot” and “we will.”  Numbers need to reordered so instead of “twenty-four”, it is now “four and twenty.”

I personally am going to add the words “tremendous” and “drat” to my vocabulary for today.  If you need further help you can visit

I love Sense and Sensibility, both the novel and the movie and you can read my Books-to-Movie Review here.

Jane Austen’s manuscripts have been digitally scanned and can be viewed here. Unlike her novels, which are all print, the manuscripts are Jane’s personal writings that you can read from letters she wrote as a child to the final draft of her manuscripts.  The project is the combined efforts of private collections and public libraries in England and allows readers the unique opportunity to read and compare her writings at one time.

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