Dark Oracle by Alayna Williams Review

Tara Sheridan has a gift, she is able to use Tarot cards and traditional investigative techniques to solve crimes, however, Tara has sworn off using her gift since her near death at the hands of a serial killer she was tracking down. Dark Oracle by Alayna Williams begins with Tara sequestered in the mountains, ignoring her gift but when the scientist Magnusson goes missing under mysterious circumstances Tara is convinced to come out of hiding for this one case.

Tara finds herself working closely with FBI agent Harry Li to figure out what happened to Magnusson and in the process of the investigation, she finds herself protecting Magnusson’s daughter Cassie and his lab. As events escalate, Cassie and Harry are forced to start investigation the very agency they work for and Cassie finds herself facing the very things she ran away from originally, relying more and more on Harry for support.

I started reading this book with some trepidation, I have always associated the use of Tarot cards with the use of dark or evil powers. Williams’ use of the cards to assist in the investigation was well done and has changed my opinion regarding the use of tarot cards. The novel was an intriguing read as the story followed both the mystery of the missing scientist and the path of Tara as she came to terms with what happened to her. I found the main character sympathetic without being weak, always a difficult balance to be achieved by an author.


Title: Dark Oracle

Author: Alayna Williams

Format: Paperback,  eBook

Page Nos.: 336

ISBN: 978-1439182796

Publisher: Pocket

Release Date: May 2010

Available for purchase: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com

Reviewer: Jessica

**I received a copy of this book from the author but was not required to provide a review and it did not impact my review in any way. Johnathan Joseph Jersey

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