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Novel Reaction is pleased to welcome our first post by a publisher,, here to tell us a little about who they are and what they have to offer.


Historical romance and especially Regencies are the focus of our two sites, and My particular love is Regency Romance, which I wrote under the names Laura Matthews and Elizabeth Neff Walker back in the day. Time passed, and most of the publishers of Regencies decided there wasn’t a large enough audience for them, so they stopped offering all these wonderful books.

But there has always been (and I think always will be) a devoted fan base for the Jane Austen comedy of manners, the Georgette Heyer delicious romance, and all the wonderful authors who came after them—like Emily Hendrickson, Carola Dunn, Gayle Buck, Joan Smith, Allison Lane, Barbara Metzger, Mary Jo Putney, Patricia Rice, Anne Barbour… We have more than 50 authors on the two sites, and agrowing list of ebooks in 10 different formats, including Word, Rich Text Format and PDF. So you don’t have to have an ebook reading device to read them, but if you have an ipad, we have the epub format, and if you have a Kindle, we have prc.

Women’s fiction is another of my favorites. I loved writing a quartet of novels set in a medical center, and a book with an “abundant” heroine. So of course I offer contemporary romance and women’s fiction on the Belgrave House website. And mysteries, and paranormal contemporary and historical romance. And both sites offer British authors you may not know—yet.

There are two free novellas by Laura Matthews, and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, on And a free Silhouette Desire called Maid in Boston on Come visit with the “haut ton!”


I devoured a lot of the novels offered by while in my teens, beginning my love of Regency period novels.  On Thursday and Saturday of this week I will be posting a review of two of the books they offer, The Bumblebroth by Patricia Wynn and A Pressing Engagement by Ann Barbour. I own both books in the original paperback and both are starting to look their age: the covers have faded, the pages are discolored, and the binding glue is not as strong as it once was.  It really hit home to me what a great service and provide, otherwise these books would be really hard for me to replace after they reach the point they are unreadable.  Thanks you so much for stopping by and introducing yourself to us. William Hayes Jersey

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