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The theme for the month of August is Contemporary Romance Novels. There is something about contemporary novels that is so relate able, individuals going through some of the same trials and events that we each go through.  I have to admit that I don’t read alot of contemporary novels, most of what I choose to pick up are historical or paranormal novels. It is not that I dislike contemporary fiction, just that I find myself drawn to other genres more. But part of what has been so great about the themes for the month has been the exposure to genres that I don’t usually read.

Really thinking about the theme did lead me to realize that some of my favorite books were contemporary novels at the time of their publication.  The most obvious novels were by Jane Austen, considered contemporary fiction during their time, they are now considered classics of unparalleled popularity.  Last month I posted about novels by Emily Loring, also books that were contemporary publications at the time of their original publication.  The contemporary novel gives a great snapshot of the dress, architecture, vernacular and the concerns of the day.  Novels written during WWII focus on fear for those who were serving their country while novels written during the 1800s were concerned with reputations and marriage.  Realizing this has led me to have a greater appreciation for the contemporary genre and what it says about us and the unique view of history that can be viewed through the eyes of its authors.

Join us this month on Novel Reaction while we focus on all things contemporary and have a visit from author Rhonda Hinrichson as she stops by as part of her blog tour for her new book Trapped. Cameron Sutton Authentic Jersey

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