Pride and Prejudice Books to Movie Challenge

Where do I even start with this great book and film?! I first read the novel when I was in high school, when my mother handed me her copy and informed me that it was one of the greatest love stories ever written.  The novel was originally published in 1813 as Jane Austen’s second published work, after Sense and Sensibility.  It was an immediate success and is still considered one of the best books to read.  I have to admit that I personally own four copies of the book, one in a nice leather bound collection, two paperbacks and one in ebook form. Since obtaining my ereader, I check the bestseller list almost daily, in the year I have had it Pride and Prejudice has remained in the top 100.

Having read the book numerous times and I am not even going to start trying to count how many times I have seen the film (in any version), I have to agree with my mother’s assessment. Since most of us already familiar with this book and movie (honestly, I am just using this as an excuse to reread the books and watch the films) I thought we might try a different approach.

So the first thing to pay attention to, when reading and watching is Darcy, which actor/film has the better Darcy?


The next question, which couple do you like better, Jane and Mr. Bingley or Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy?

Finally, and most importantly, which film version do you like best, if you have seen both?

So get reading, watching and meet back here on the 23rd to discuss your thoughts.

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Free Download Today Only

Today only you can download a free copy of Alyxandra Harvey’s My Love Lies Bleeding at Bloomsbury here.  My Love Lies Bleeding was the England title for American titled Hearts at Stake.

I was a panelist discussing the first book in the series Hearts at Stake with the Pajama Chat Readers. You can listen to our conversation about this great book here.

From the Publisher:

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American Historical Genre

The Fourth of July always gets me thinking of American History so for the month of July we are going to be looking at books that fall within the American Historical genre. What exactly is American Historical you ask? Well, after giving it a lot of thought, I have come to the conclusion that it covers a wide range of books.

The first books to think about are the colonization of America and the American Revolution. Carla Capshaw, author of The Duke’s Redemption, a novel set during the American Revolution will be stopping by to discuss why she writes in this amazingly historical time period.

After the American Revolution we the expansion West and South. We can’t talk about the expansion West and the pioneers without thinking about Louis L’Amour so I will be posting a review of my favorite L’Amour book and Jillian will be posting a review of one of her favorite.

Following the expansion West and South, we have the Civil War, the event that turned brother against brother and father against son, almost destroying our country in the process.

Finally, we have the Second World War.  While America did participate in the First World War, it was the Second World War that really drew our nation together and impacted what was to follow with the Cold War.

I have decided to end the American Historical genre with the 1960s, while it could be argued that the genre covers through the 70s and the 80s, I have decided to stop the coverage of this theme with the 50s and 60s.

Do you have a favorite American Historical novel? Let us know about it! Brandon Carr Authentic Jersey