Favorite Novel Settings

Recently a friend was helping me put some books into a bin for storage (the dream lives that someday I will have a library for all my books and not a shed) and she made the comment that I must have a book set in every continent.  This got me thinking about where the books we were putting away took place and further contemplation led me to the conclusion that I think I do have a novel set on every continent except Antarctica.  Not only that, I think I have a novel set it just about every time period.

This thinking about where books take place and when they take place was the beginning of the themes for the month on Novel Reaction.  I decided to focus on a specific novel setting and/or time period for a month.  I have really enjoyed this because it has allowed me to revisit some old great favorite books but it has been hard at the same time because I now realize that I tend to read specific time periods and places more than others.

For me, there is nothing like a Historical/Regency period romance novels, something involving Lords and Ladies and the social whirl of London.  This is not to say that I don’t enjoy other novel settings but I find myself drawn to the historicals more than other novels.

The other thing I have realized with the theme months is that I tend to get into cycles where I like to read specific setting type books, one right after the other, until the cycle moves on to the next type of book.  This realization has been great for me but at the same time, because of the themes for each month, I find myself reading twice as much as I normally do (which is saying something because I read ALL the time). So, reading books that fall within the theme for the month and then the books just for my enjoyment.

Do you find yourself reading a specific time period or location more than others? Also, do you know of a novel set in Antarctica? I need to complete my collection. 🙂 Cameron Erving Jersey

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